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The Tale Teller Club home for band members  iServalan (keyboard, lyrics, vocals), Flex (guitars, vocals),

Vapor Punk, (vocals, synth, drums)

MoMo and the Space Flies (ambience, found sounds, samples, effects),

Cuddles, (Micro Freak, Evoc 20)


Tale Teller Club Publishing and Production

The Tale Teller Club was founded in 2020 with funding from the Future's Venture Foundation for artistic development.

The Tale Teller Club performs several functions including

Music and audio production

Music Therapy

Book publishing

Book of Immersion

TV and radio broadcasting

Visual merchandising

Sarnia de la Maré FRSA: founder of the Rife Vibes and creator of the Tale Teller Club band



In the intricate tapestry of artistic expression, some individuals stand out as luminous threads, weaving tales of beauty, introspection, and mystery. Sarnia de la Maré FRSA is undeniably one such luminary—a multifaceted artist, author, and composer whose work transcends boundaries and resonates with audiences worldwide.

The Journey Begins: Rife Vibes and Beyond

Sarnia founded the Rife Vibes project in 2020, a platform that uses rive vibration therapies embedded in music and electronic drumming with nature sounds and instruments.


Tale Teller Club: Where Words Take Flight

Sarnia received funding in 2020 to establish herself and her practice. The recording studio was built and music combined to create an orchestra of homotechs and a novel called Immersion. The Book of Immersion developed into a series of episodes featuring the characters of the Tale Teller Club Band. Virtual reality and imagination manifest in the words of the book as well as the music. 

Members of the band Tale Teller Club are

#Flex, #Vapor-Punk, #iServalan, #MoMo-and-the-Space-Flies and #Cuddles.

The band has made tracks for Toddle Poddle™, Tale Teller Kids™, The Book of Immersion™, Rife Vibes™ (Music Therapy and Healing Sessions) and the CDM Tale Teller Club dance music collection.

You can checkout songs here

Tale Teller Club Academy of Arts: Nurturing Creativity

Recognizing the need to nurture budding artists, Sarnia founded the Tale Teller Club Academy of Arts. Here, aspiring creators receive guidance, mentorship, and a safe space to explore their talents. The academy’s halls echo with the whispers of inspiration, and its virtual classrooms offer drawing and painting lectures, Suzuki cello and piano classes, digital art classes and music production classes.  Sarnia’s commitment to fostering creativity ensures that the flame of artistic expression burns brightly in each student.

The TV shows are available at

Free TV at

FRSA: A Distinction of Excellence

The letters FRSA—Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts—adorn Sarnia’s name, signifying her exceptional contributions to the arts. This prestigious fellowship recognizes individuals who have made significant strides in promoting creativity, social progress, and cultural enrichment. Sarnia’s inclusion in this esteemed circle underscores her impact on the artistic landscape.

The Brushstrokes of Artistry

Sarnia’s canvas is as diverse as her imagination. Her figurative artworks and portraits evoke emotions, capturing vulnerability, strength, and fleeting beauty. The interplay of oils and gold leaf lends an otherworldly quality to her creations. Each stroke whispers secrets, inviting viewers to peer beyond the surface and into the soul of the subject.

Sarnia is also the illustrator of all Immersion book episodes and these are issued as prints on her live gallery at


Gothic Poetry: Shadows and Whispers

Sarnia’s poetic verses dance on the edge of darkness. Her gothic poetry weaves tales of longing, loss, and the ethereal. In “Ruin,” she writes:

When sleep won't come the ghosts appear they never left just disappeared for short a time I remember the old days when you were mine and I was yours and we were fine Now the ghosts are back and they won't leave they haunt my dreams and make me grieve Ruin is all that's left of what we had a love once strong now turned to sad.

These words resonate like ancient echoes, drawing us into a world where shadows hold secrets and hearts ache with memory. Sarnia also writes as the Marchioness of Dorchester, a comedic character from another dimension, trapped in the 1600s.

You can read poetry and listen to the podcasts on these blogs and podcast shows.

Conclusion: A Legacy Unfolding

Sarnia de la Maré FRSA’s legacy continues to unfold—a symphony of creativity, inked lines, and whispered verses. Her artistry transcends time and place, inviting us to explore the depths of our own souls. As we stand before her canvas or immerse ourselves in her poetry, we become part of her narrative—a tale told and retold across generations.

In the quiet of creation, Sarnia’s spirit lingers, urging us to embrace our own artistic journeys. For within each of us lies a spark waiting to ignite—a spark that, when fanned by passion and purpose, can illuminate the world.

So let us raise our pens, our brushes, our voices, and join Sarnia de la Maré FRSA in celebrating the boundless magic of art. 🌟

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