What's in our toolbox?

We are a multi-media network facility for art, literature and music using video, audiobooks, immersive role play books and games, interactive learning sessions, and virtual immersive exhibitions to communicate with visitors.


Here the well-being of the individual is paramount.

Enlightenment and learning are as important here at the Tale Teller Club as entertainment.  We strive to attain a great level of fun and excitement, as well as academic and musical excellence in our daily broadcasts for all ages.

Music, Audio & Special Effects Podcasting

Free 24 Hour Music shows from our online radio station, voice-overs, and special effects are just a few examples from our growing catalogue.


The Tale Teller Club is also a place of respected musical merit. Our school of music now has several superb podcasts, sharing free classes online several times a week as well as more in-depth lessons for members with one-to-one tuition with Ms. Sarnia de la Maré FRSA.

The Tale Teller Club streams free music to listen to, fusing dance, contemporary, classical, and jazz genres. You will find Chopin, Bach, Handel, and Beethoven sharing our online music station with our orchestra for modern musicians, experimental and found sounds, and avant-garde projects exploring new artforms.

We use the Suzuki and ABRSM cello and piano programs as well as Garageband and Logic Pro software in our school.

Immersive Storytelling & Role Play Books

'Immersion' (PG) is our newest project and combines old-fashioned literature with exciting roleplay scenarios and modern digital processes. The project is totally interactive and immersive.  You become the director of each section by making a choice for the main character. The book is written as an online series with daily updates and will grow into an epic novel over the coming years. 

This amazing story is not just utilizing the written word.  We incorporate video and audio which is interwoven into each episode creating a sense of realism for readers and listeners of all ages.

IF is our latest online interactive book and is written especially for adults.

Virtual Social Media Network

We have our own social Media network for artists and fans where members are able to interact with one another and check out the artists and news etc.

It is a safe space and you do not have to engage if you don not want to.

Audiobook Podcasts

The Tale Teller Club Podcast Network now runs 30 different podcasts with thousands of awesome audiobooks, some from the public domain.

We have every genre imaginable in our catalog, from comedy classics to Shakespeare and period drama originals.

B2B catalogue of podcasts for sale are also available with the chance to order a ready-made podcast.

You can access all of our podcasts on their own web pages here at the Tale Teller Club and also on our own Spreaker profile shows. We are also available through various other podcast feed sites so you will have no trouble signing up to get the latest books.

Live Radio and Podcasting for Special Needs Listeners

Our juke box features IDM Music for cerebral satisfaction.

Our pods are particularly useful for individuals with challenges that make traditional enjoyment of music and literature more complex. Our channels are available around the clock and we have a music therapy series focusing on good mental health.

Virtual Art Exhibitions, Digital Arts, NFTs

Our online virtual art exhibitions feature new digital paintings and video art by Vapor Punk who steals digital artifacts and recycles them into new artworks and forms. 

We also have an NFT portfolio.

The gallery also features new designs from the shop using models, sculptures and music tracks by the Tale Teller Club. Because the industry for NFTs is so new, we are going in gently and with caition.

Our exhibitions are free to anyone who signs up to the site for free and are hosted by our German colleagues over at Kunstmatrix.

Virtual Shopping Emporium & ECO Design

Our seamless shopping experience will guide you through some awesome merchandise and artwork by the Tale Teller Club, Vapor Punk, GDM, Charles Frinton and Dominartist.

You can buy from our fashion department and sustainable homeware shop. We like tactile crafts using eco and sustainable processes. You can buybeautiful designer fashion from our Burning Hearts Bra ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Ranges and we recommend our printers for your own eco designs here

Buyer finance is available and we have budget lines as well as high-end investment artworks as stand-alone creative pieces or merchandise across a range of exciting products.