Wednesday, December 29, 2021

NFT news, what is the fuss and what is it all about?

 I will confess right here and now that I am still not sure, and the minute the NFT acronym is mentioned, granny hard-of-hearing kicks in.

However, as an entrepreneur, it is my duty to jump on the bandwagon.

These are my learned musings thus far.

It is a bit of a craze like Pokemon Cards

It will take more hours than you have to set up a trading platform with your own work

If you are a trader of collectible NFTs you might make a fortune

It feels nice to be involved

It is addictive

You can easily lose money

It is a bit like gambling

You can belong

It all looks really pretty

With all this in mind and being a digital artist already with 1000s of incredible photographs and artworks in my external hard drives, I decided to create a portfolio but not sell anything as yet.

I will wait it out and eventually get an agent so I do not have to worry about it all.

If you are keen to follow my NFT journey here is the link to my catalogue.