Saturday, January 7, 2023

Flesh Tattoo Fetish and Sex-Therapy, Diaries of a Tattooist ❤️‍๐Ÿ”ฅ

 hey beautiful people of the internet welcome to the Tattoo Studio and the music room it's really weird isn't it when you do two things it's hard to describe yourself the nutshell's a bit bigger isn't it so I feel like a tattooist now I really really do because I'm doing I'm on my fifth day of my challenge um I mean I think I cheated a bit because I did a couple in well it was still December and then I had a day or two off because I didn't have the right needles but I I've done five on myself and I actually feel now that I can call myself a tattooist I suppose technically I'm a tattoo Apprentice but I'm not apprenticed to anyone um I just have myself and I guess normally you know you'd sort of sign up with a tattoo studio and you'd be with them like a slave for about two years that's how it works and then eventually they might let you after you've done all the cleaning and making coffee event and watching eventually they'd say right you can have a go on somebody and then eventually they'd say right you can um you can now sell your work you know you can charge 50 Quid or whatever but because I did I'm actually from beauty cosmetics my training is um eyebrows nipples areoli areola areola not sure which one should know um and uh you know lip blushing and all of that that was where I started and now I've gone into tattooing but I've watched so many tattooists and I've because I'm covered in them I already have you know a full body of tattoos really but there is room remaining so last night I did this gorgeous bumblebee but the other thing is I'm poke tattooing which I think is it must be very very different to machine tattooing and I'm not sure if it's easier for me because I'm an artist I've been a painter all my life I think it might be it comes very very naturally to me clearly you know if I my mum had a needle and some ink she wouldn't be able to tattoo herself of course she wouldn't she's she's not she's no experienced artist um plus I mean she tried to give me an injection once because when I came I I was in uh hospital having a major surgery and I came out and we were supposed to do these injections to thin the blood but I couldn't give them to myself and she couldn't give them to me she tried and then she maybe penetrated the skin I sent uh you know a millimeter and and I was freaking out and she was freaking out it's a total disaster so we just we just didn't do the injections and I'm still here to tell the tale and we lied we lied and told them they were blood thinning things um so you don't have to do these things that they tell you in hospital I mean they're just covering their backs really so anyway I'm digressing I did a bumblebee last night and I've been with each one that I do I'm learning my craft so I tried sort of different things different textures um different size needles I haven't used the fattest needle yet but I'd like to and I'm going to do a portrait probably tonight actually I'll get that one out the way and I'm going to use three different sized needles it's very exciting you get very different um sort of modeling effects if you use the bigger needles which I quite like but they are a bit uncontrollable they kind of go all over the place and you're not really sure which of the needles because if you've got a three needle or a five needle it's difficult to see where they're going this is why tattooists use big lines big black lines you know for their lining because it's um it sort of camouflages if the shading's a little bit irregular I'm figuring I mean I don't know because I don't know these machines so but I'm figuring here anyway absolutely loved my Bumblebee now I did him on my inner thigh and he changed his shape when I stand up so this is something to be aware of when you get older your thighs sag terribly when you get a bit older um I mean you know it's just life it's not something to get upset about it is what it is I think age becomes when you get to about 60 it becomes you become at peace with it your your skin is no different to anyone else's it's always going to look like every other 60 year old and that you know we mustn't be shamed by that it's really important not to feel shame and the problem is because we're sexualized girls are sexualized from birth really you know it immediately we're born it's oh what a pretty girl you do you know what I mean and and then when you're you know three and five and you're in frocks you know I I stuck with my daughter's one daughter I had she she had 36 ball gowns sorry she was eight but you know I loved them presenting her almost like she was Marie Antoinette Versailles presenting her at court

um and you don't know you're doing it's cultural you know but what you're doing is you're you're creating the it's a Pew pie well no she's hatched but you know what I mean she's developing and growing into a sexualized objectified being um I'm not criticizing it it's you know it's so much a part of Who We Are um but you you have to at some point when you get to about 60 I think you have to realize that there you that's not why you're here you weren't ever here just to reproduce you know Society tries to tell you that that's the only reason you're here and that's all you're good for women but it's not true and I guess this tattooing for me has given me something very important it's helped me understand skin and that's really exciting because I never really appreciated my skin as as a canvas or as something that is the same for everybody I imagined that I was once young and beautiful and now I'm no longer and therefore I felt some sort of devaluation even subconsciously you feel that when you get older but tattooing has allowed me a pride in my flesh it's really interesting isn't it so this um this newfound art canvas it's now something I'm actually really proud of and I'm hoping that I can be proud enough not to be ashamed of my skin at my age I really hope that I mean I still wouldn't go swimming um naked you know not in a some sort of costume I'd want to cover up um because I still feel that you know the best it's even subconsciously the best skin is Young skin I need to so there are a few things I need to cut over because just not true actually skin is beautiful um it doesn't matter how old it is doesn't matter how wrinkled it is but I've learned so much about um you know the other implications of skin when you start if you tattoo something which is dependent on shape symmetry and you tattoo it on a piece of skin where when you move around it moves around you have to be you have to take that on board before you do it so patterns work really well but my B for example I I did it so that when I'm cross-legged sitting with my legs crossed or in the yoga position the B is perfect but when I stand up really um push my knees back do you know what I mean in that position bum forward knees back that type of position it looks you know when your knees go all baggy it it looks less like well it you can see it's a b but it does lose its shape so this is quite interesting this is really good because what that means is I can tell my clients that depending on the size of your tattoo it's going to change shape when you stand up gravity is only a friend if you use it you know um and the bigger the tattoo the less implications I think so if you have you know a massive tattoo say on your where would you be bit uh old and flabby sort of lower back maybe or your side somewhere like that it's going to show less if it's big um do you see what I mean and also less if it's absolutely tiny so I'm going to do an absolutely minuscule ladybird in the coming days so tiny so that when I've got the camera above I can gradually bring the camera down you just think it was like some sort of Beauty Spot or something and then bring the camera down down down down down really slowly with one of my tracks from my Tick Tock albums and then you then you suddenly see now apparently that you can get a micro camera and you can attach it to your phone and it's brilliant so I'm going to order one of those today in a minute or probably on Amazon because I've got Prime so I get I get all my stuff the next day it's really very very good actually I never quite appreciated the value of that because I've never needed things in a hurry of course when you're a professional microblade or a tattooist or you know anything like that you need you need stuff to come so I'm going to order that in a minute and I'll tell you all about it and if it if it's worked now other news I had a phone call I'm going to have to get an answer phone because I had my first weirdo phone call and this is the problem because I've outed myself now on Instagram and Tick Tock I'm really out there I'm doing videos every day and showing a bit of Flesh because obviously I'm tattooing my thighs so it kind of goes with the territory but I had my first weirdo phone call and and I thought oh that's exciting you know I've Got Somebody but within the first minute he told me that he was a model and that he had a large member that had been enlarged because of an augmentation so in other words he'd had a dick extension I'll have to put this in the adult I have to put an explicit warning on this now so he'd had a penile extension and he was a model and he was covered in tattoos and essentially he rang me to ask about tattoos but he wasn't asking about when he could have one or book um he said have you got tattoos where have you got tattoos and I just thought oh he's a [ __ ] pervert he's a pervert um I mean you know the men some men in this world they really do let down their gender they really do and I just thought oh right that's going to be a thing isn't it because of course tattoos are a fetish aren't they of course they are for some people they're because they're almost um they're so badass aren't they so a woman covered in tattoos actually is really they're probably you know the girlfriends or their wives are probably you know like Kate Middleton or something so they fetishize the the they are the Skin Art idea so then he was asking if if I would pierce his this engorged enlarged augmented member and I said no you need to do that he said he's been everywhere he'd phoned everyone I thought well that's bollocks because I know loads of people who Pierce penises loads of them in Brighton anyway um so at this point I thought oh God I'm I'm really gonna have to put the phone down but as it was we we said farewell quite amicably and I've decided to get an answer phone so um and what I can do on the answer phone you see Darlings is put an advert for my business on the answer phone so I can say do pop along to my podcast and I thought that's quite good actually so I don't regret having my my phone number uh up online in various places which it always has been actually but of course when you start to put yourself out there you're part of the market unfortunately you're part of you know depend I mean it's difficult because I used to be a sex therapist and and I'd had nothing but perverts calling me up asking if I could sort out their um uh their impotence and you know that I thought then I'm never going to be able to be a sex therapist and it wouldn't matter what you look like it absolutely does not matter because it's the idea for people I mean I know as a sex therapist I studied fetishism I do know all about it but of course now I'm just working with a slightly different concept which is is also going to be somebody's fetish and quite a lot of people's fetish so there we go it's it's life I suppose I need to get used to it um but of course I can uh circumnavigate things and actually I've got a friend who does um waxing and she said she thought that she might know who this man was and that we should cross reference well I've got a bang Olufsen telephone and I couldn't work out how to retrieve the number it's quite an old one it's one of those sort of 90s banana ones um so I thought right okay that's another bit of equipment I need I need an answer phone that tells me who's ringing and if I don't recognize it I don't answer it and they get an advert which I thought was quite cool so so today I've woken up and I've realized sort of unrelated tattooing equipment that I need but important for my business um as I mean to go on as an answer phone and a macro camera now when you're working in tiny dots as I do with needle-sized dots you need to get really really close and my phone as I get nearer just blurs so I'm definitely going to get that today so I'm quite excited actually anyway look guys um I'll I'll be doing a bit of music later hopefully if life doesn't take over but I I'm going down to my my clinic today to take a video for my Tick Tock and my Instagram so you'll be able to see my clinic so I'm getting all ready for that now um I'm very very excited to show everybody how fabulous it is and I will pop it up on um YouTube as well so you'll be able to see that tomorrow I mean I really feel like I want the world to be part of this you know I've really thrown myself into being more extrovert after a five-year break really it's been about five years since I've promoted myself do you see I mean I've been promoting things but not myself so now I'm promoting myself um now the other thing is one last thing before I do go and carry on with my day um there's an event in Brighton someone's invited me to and it's somebody who uses lots of found sound on things I'm very excited about that and it falls just the day before my daughter's birthday so I'm going to go to Brighton as I as I said in at the start of the year I wanted to go once once a month anyway but this is a perfect excuse because I don't think I'm going to make it this month what with opening the clinic um in the last week so um I'll tell you all about that as well so I think suddenly life's going to get very very exciting and very busy and but busy doing something I absolutely love which is sticking needles in people just the pleasure of the little pop as you stick it in it's and that's me that's on myself I I sort of wish in a way I'd discovered this many years ago but you know what tattooists do tattooists tell you that it's some sort of rocket science and only certain people can do it and it's absolute BS it's absolute BS I mean yeah maybe only certain people can do it but it's certainly you know they they say these things to keep people out that's why they say it and you know that's well um it's a bit like a closed boys club actually that's exactly what it's like the boys club and because girls are getting in on tattooing now and I'm not suggesting that girls don't feel like that too I'm absolutely certain that they do but I think if you're a good artist you will make a good tattooist definitely and in fact a lot of tattoos aren't very good artists but they've got a very steady hand and they're good at coloring in because you know you create a stencil you put it on the skin and then you color it in and that's it I mean it's sort of what I'm doing but because I do poke tattooing um there's loads more art to it in my opinion loads more I mean I'm almost tempted when I do mine to sign them but then I'd have my name signed all over my legs and I don't want that do I I'm sure nobody else does either okay guys so back um later with with a ringtone for you today and um to pop along follow please follow me on my on my Tick Tock I server land tattoos and my I'm also I server learn tattoos on Insta and I do try and keep all that up at the moment and sonicaree is my um Facebook page so there we go much love from the four poster bed I suppose I really should get up now