Thursday, January 12, 2023

Latex Breasts Ru Paul Homotech Art and Grandma πŸ‘΅ Chat πŸ’¬

 hey guys welcome to Royal Clarence and the four poster bed and the rain more rain we have honestly we've had so much bloody rain of course it's not as extreme and dangerous of as um some of the places that I've seen on the news this morning but it's just miserable isn't it absolutely miserable when the weather's weather's bad and dangerous so I've got to go out on my bike later and it's really really windy so hopefully I'll stay on it do you know what the other day I was trying to Traverse the um the road and it's very difficult I usually drive on right on the pavement for this particular bit because it's safer but it was so windy the other day that I had to come off my bike and actually walk across on foot that's how windy it was which is something I've never done I haven't done that since I've lived here since the last seven or eight years incredible um anyway I hope you're all right where you are so everything's been really really crazy busy and I've been getting really stressed about stuff that I shouldn't really get stressed about but I've got the launch of the bra you see and the the worry is a little get copied it's going to get copied anyway because it's a special design that helps um avoid rather a heartburn and reflux I've called it the reflux bra so I bought and I'm launching it the first of March um first of March yes first of March so um possibly before actually but I was watching QVC yesterday shopping channel here in the UK and I thought that's where I need to be I need to be on a Shopping Channel Hello darling hello Romeo's joined us I need to be on a shopping channel because you know you could until you see it worn and that you can move around in it and you see how it's made no oh microphone tragic jump there again hit it no less um do you know what I mean until you see it and you understand how it works you're not going to buy it um so this is the Dilemma because it's going to get copied so I want to keep it secret but yet I need to Market it so I thought well I'm not going to get on QVC ammo it's probably really expensive to get on there I mean I don't know how they work it apologies Romeo's eating his breakfast in the background um so I think what I'm going to do is I've got my 60 Summers TV show so I think I'm just going to do it on YouTube so I can have my own shopping channel can't I and I can sort of say hi guys welcome to and I can talk about the bra and I'll say do your order now press this button you know all of that stuff and I could probably do that on Facebook as well kind of go live and I suppose wear it as well so I've got two months to get fit to to lose some fat and get some muscle tone um which would be really good for me actually because obviously I've been working far too hard bent over a computer it's really painful I was in a great deal of pain yesterday so I'm trying to come off my amitriptyline because I can no longer stand what it does to my body it's so dehydrating and it causes all sorts of problems gut issues you know nothing's go there's not enough liquid going through and stuff like that and it's the side effects didn't seem to worry me until very recently so I've been waking up in the night with a really dry mouth it's horrible absolutely horrible so I'm going to come off all my drugs well not the Omeprazole I can't come off the omeprazole because you know I I actually can't function with the heartburn it's too too painful so I need my reflux bra I need it made so that I can benefit from my own design I made one it was a

basically I lost weight I lost quite a bit of weight and it no longer fits so it's an unsupportive my bra isn't supporting me my um my my is it my own design is no longer supporting me because the the boo [ __ ] has shrunk and um I need something completely different now so I'm gonna do all that but again quite over excited I suppose because the the bras being launched the clinic is opening on the 26th and 27th I've already got my first SMP client um which is scalp micropigmentation if you don't know what that is I can give you a completely new hairline and it's my specialist I'm now an expert um as one of the reasons why I wanted to do all the Poke tattoos you know I wanted to understand skin how skin works and being an artist this is really the most simple thing I can do it really is for me it's a Doddle an absolute Doddle I love it so I've got my first client I'm going to film it and I can put that on my YouTube as well so basically my YouTube now has to become a place of professionalism which is it's difficult because I've I've been such a an unprofessional rule breaker Lawless and I'll kick all my life and now I've got to try and get a a more um a more professional head-on that convinces people I have a Mark I have something that's marketable and a product that's purchasable that people can trust you see what I mean I need to go from small the cottage industry to production line I have to do all that it's keeping me up at night it really is however I'm going to find my groove I'm absolutely going to find my groove um and the first thing I need really is a realistic pair of breasts so I'm thinking now the cat's going to do the microphone thing again come on I'm thinking now perhaps it's time to invest in some latex boobs the ones they wear on on drag pull is it drug RuPaul the drag artist you know they've all got them there when they're when they're doing their contest they all have these latex boobs those will be perfect because the the model that I have at the moment is is aesthetically very pleasing but it's one you'd stick broaches on and have you know having in your bedroom it doesn't look like boobs at all I thought well latex boots would be great because they mean I don't have to get my my top off I will get my top off as well but you know I'm 60. now who wants to see a 60 year old lady's top off no one not really you know we're beyond all that we're past all that you know I'm past it Darlings I've passed it and I I know that I'm bloody gorgeous still and and I believe strongly that people of our age are gorgeous still but things are not necessarily as good as they were in terms of structure but see what do you see what I'm saying guys the boubage is no longer as pert as it could be and when you're modeling a bra that's going to bloody show isn't it but I'm more worried about you know I'm covered in tattoos and that isn't necessarily what you know clients want to see do there's probably a big portion of the population who find tattoos offensive especially mine so they're you know music tattoos if you're not interested in music or tattoos you're not going to be interested in my body you see what I mean so um so that's what I'm doing today I'm going to go and look on Amazon for a pair of latex breasts and um yeah I mean it's the most exciting done of thing I've done today apart from talking to you guys so let's see if I can do that and see if I can get a cheap set because they're probably you know probably coming at hundreds but there's probably some cheap Chinese set and I don't need it it doesn't matter if it smells like it's just come off a conveyor belt as long as it looks pert that's the key isn't it pert breasts I'm going to call this episode pert breasts because it'll get loads of downloads if I do that um so yes I'm sort of stressing about all these things release my single yesterday and then did the video for it which I really really liked that's over on YouTube as well I really need a YouTube manager so I've put a an ad on my LinkedIn to see if I can get somebody you know just sort of a couple of hours a month or something could give it a revamp or I'd say a bit every week or something but I I don't know if it's possible because everybody now says that they're a social media manager and they're not actually it's not true you know the the all they're going to do is share a few links I can do that myself do you know what I mean um so what else I'm going to try today to to work less and do a bit more keep fit so I may as well Martin time may as well get the old GoPro cam out and do and do a 60 summers video so do that I do it in my Lou or my glitter floor I think that would be quite nice um so pop along to YouTube you'll see that today that's it me and Romeo are going to have breakfast or he's had his I'm going to have more breakfast so big diet time the big diet starts again because I've got to flash the board so I don't know if you know but there's somebody called train with Joan on Instagram and I think she's 70 something and she's been training now weight training for about seven years and she's got the before and after I mean she's absolute Legend absolutely it's got an app actually maybe I should go and get her app should I do that give me a little bit of a you know impetus to to keep it up because I I do get it's not that I'm lazy guys it's like get other things that are more comfortable and work related take over

so I end up doing that position you know hunched over the computer really bad for my neck pain and what have you actually while we're on the subject of Health guys I'm going to tell you about this cushion mum's been getting terrible terrible neck uh sorry leg pain right and really trouble walking to the club we go to a club on Fridays and she's had trouble walking there so she I'd heard that if you stick a pillow between your knees it can be very helpful so she did that and it wasn't that helpful but it was a bit helpful so that now she's gone on to Amazon and she's brought this memory foam foam thing in a sort of u-shape and it's changed her life changed her life so you know there are things out there that we can do because it's all about alignment Darlings it's about how you align your body that's that's why you know it really hurts when I'm bent over a computer that's why when mum goes to bed at night she's sleeping in the fetal position all night long and her body is getting misaligned in that position especially on that one hip the upper hip and her little knees you know a little Great Grandma needs pressed together all night well she she says it's life-changing that's fantastic isn't it so maybe um you know I'll I'll do a review of that actually do you know what I'm going to do a review of IT where I'll go around I'm going there tonight I'll take my camera guys I'm suddenly so excited because anything that I'm doing that means I'm moving is really really good for me because it's when I'm still that the discomfort starts and I want to get off the computer I need to get out of the recording studio you'd think recording studio wouldn't you when you're doing a track you think oh that that involves a lot of standing up and singing and playing instruments but bloody doesn't most of it's bent over a computer in the post edit especially with my vocals so you know it's I'm sort of looking to be more active and and it's all coming together with the launch of the bra and things like that so join my YouTube which is Telltale Club as my artist's Channel and um 60 Summers uh what I'll do is I'll double up I'll put videos on both of those okay so there we go that's good we've got more strikes I'm just looking at the headlines here Civil Service strikes we've got a lot of strikes in the UK at the moment do you know what we don't like our government we really don't like them we need to they need to foot sack as the South Africans say I lived there for a while they need to do one don't they um anyway I'm going to get on with my day and I'll see you over on my YouTube channel tell tetherclub telling stories stories from um my point of view obviously and music for can you hear him purring

not sure I don't think I don't think it's picking it up it's a bit too far away there's nothing nicer than a cat purr do you know that I suppose a dog love I can't wait till um I can get a job but I have to wait for Romeo to die before I get a dog and he's only about eight yes I've got another decade but it'll be just the right time you see to have a little teacup dog thing that I and it'll be an excuse to go out for a little stroll around the block with it and it'll do poops that are smaller than the cats so it'll be no bother a bit of exercise for me that's my plan but I'm not wishing him away yet am I who knows depends on my mood depends if I've had my coffee right um so this this podcast is called tell Telecom podcast I'm going to start another one I've got another one called I server learn and actually I'll tell you a bit about is everyone as well I've decided how to Market I serve learn homo Tech artist so it's half human half Tech perfect um so I'll be using that hashtag from now on homo Tech um but I'm going to start another one Telltale kid uh Telltale kids because the Telltale kids closed and I see that I'm all over the Internet still as Telltale kids so I'm going to start another one call Telltale kids and we'll we'll be doing you can hear him pairing now I can see it's picking it up bless what a cutie I hope I shared the beautiful pairing with you um are we doing kids stories again um so yeah a bit suddenly the the year is packed with things that I'm going to do but I'm I'm determined to enjoy it and not get bogged down with the really difficult stuff which hurt which actually causes me pain and causes me stress I'll let you know how I'm coming with my my cold turkey I'm gonna I think I'll cold turkey the amitriptyline I think well I see how I go I see how I feel tonight when you come off you get headaches and things so I'm really going to try but it's hard drug Sterlings hot drugs anyway much love from the United Kingdom and um I'll be back later