Sunday, January 8, 2023

Podcast with iServalan, music, fans, DJ and performance art live streams

Tattoo artist musician iServalan at Tale Teller Club

 hey everybody Welcome to the recording studio now I just wanted to tell everyone about our new tale teller Club server so basically if you don't understand what it's all about because I didn't really I just add I just created one because I was using mid-journey which is the AI um for artworks I do all my artworks for the record covers for the band and I use this AI called mid-journey and it's a I pay I pay quite a lot for it so that it's private because I don't want to share my artwork obviously but I'm getting quite good at it but the thing is mid-journey is epic in terms of creating art that would Once Upon a Time would have taken me six months to do a painting you know in the way that I wanted because I can create now very intricate artworks based on any genre throughout history which I really really like but I've been using it for my tattoos as well so I really like this idea that my AI can come up with all these weird things and then I take then I inject some Humanity into it and then I create a tattoo and and I do a tattoo and funny enough the tattoos don't necessarily look like anything like what my AI did but the process that the AI took is what excites me and then I I'm spurred on do you see what I mean creatively um so the tattoo that I've just done was in the style of Caravaggio I always have to repair the eyes and sometimes the hands if I want to I don't it's always I mean I've just put some up where the hands are just all really bizarre you never got 10 fingers and they're already screwed up and screaming and I really liked it I just left the hands as they were but generally speaking especially for a tattoo you wouldn't want 10 fingers on one hand you'd want at least I would want a fairly normal looking human being so the one that I'm doing at the moment the tattoo I'm just doing a little bit each day and this is for this sort of Caravaggio P artwork but it's only about four inches so the detail is really difficult to get so I'm working on that over the next four days I'm probably not going to publish it until it's finished in case I effort up royally because it's one of the hardest drawings I've ever ever done you what you're doing is you're working in dots on skin dots on flesh that's very very difficult um anyway I wanted to tell you not so much about mid-journey which lots of people are on there you can sign up to something called Discord which is a server and these servers were really launched as gaming chat servers so you'd play your game online and and then you could chat you could go to the live lounges and whatever you could chat to people about the games or you know audio link you you share your screen and you put on your microphone and you play this game and you're saying to people oh my God I can't believe he just did that to me or whatever I mean I'm not a gamer I don't know what they say to each other who knows who knows no idea um so I sort of came by it actually by completely by accident using um a 3D modeling platform and it said site I think I had to sign up to Discord and then I went into Discord and I thought what's all this about then I found mid-journey and then it said start your you know as a bus and start your own server and I thought I don't know what that does pressed another button and I had my own server and I've only just started realizing what what that can mean for us as artists I'm really really excited and musicians I mean absolutely over the moon with it so I invited a few people if you want to find the invite link I'll pop it on all my social media and I've got 16 people on there 16 people that's fantastic on our server they're mostly DJs because I I put a thing out saying I wanted DJs I'm going to put another thing out for sort of video makers and live streaming and stuff because I now have a live stream lounge and well cat over microphone there we go apologies um so I think it's got legs this Darlings I really think it's got big long legs and we can do some really fabulous exciting stuff it's all free imagine so a few DJs have joined me and they've shared their links so everyone's sharing their Links at the moment which is quite cool isn't it I think that's I don't know if anybody presses on them I press on everybody's links when somebody signs up you add them as a friend if you want to see when they're on or what they're doing and stuff like that so everybody that's on there at the moment there's 15 other people and then me and I'm adding you all as friends and I'm hoping to find out about you there's an Italian DJ um somebody else another DJ from New York I think how exciting how exciting to have such an international sort of sense of things now as you know I'm a tattooist and I've that's very local I'm only going to tattoo people who come to my studio and that can make you feel a little bit um you know I come from a small town I'm sort of the only Pokemon tattoo artist in the village it's really weird so I love this idea that I can live stream my tattooing so I'm going to do that I'm going to be live streaming um starting the 26th because legally I need to do it from my studio although I can tattoo myself but I don't really want to film my inner leg being tattooed at the moment I'd rather do something a bit lower down if you see what I mean um but I'm just too I'm too excited by the the whole Prospect of this this newfound way of communicating with people of course you can live stream on YouTube and Facebook as well but it doesn't feel nearly as good as this feels somehow I suppose because the Telltale Club you know it's it's all about specifically music and YouTube isn't specifically music is it so much other crap on YouTube that I'm not interested in it's much more about video I guess um so yeah I thought no this is really I really like the feel of it lots of social media has a sort of identity doesn't it so when you go to Facebook it has an identity it has um you know I don't find people on Facebook very cool and it's a bit I feel very Naf when I'm on it I feel when I'm on LinkedIn that it's very dry everybody wants a job and they're just going to push did you hear my tummy Rumble it's right by the computer microphone I'm gonna move it there we go I've moved it from my hungry tummy um I've detoxed as I said um for uh several days so I've been fasting we're doing these sort of fasting 12 hour fasting sessions I do feel much better for it but I am hungry so I'm going to go out and get some high protein yogurt in a minute um so the reason for this little mini broadcast um I popped up yesterday some free uh really nice free music ringtone Loop things so pop those up and I'll be showing all of those on my server as well the links to all of those it's really cool you can just press it and you go straight to where you know whatever I'm promoting that day so the links they're all free everything's free it's a I'm I'm really trying to be Community spirited about it all um so hopefully if you if you go to Discord and sign up you can just go to the Internet and look up Discord but also I'll put you know the tags I'll put join the tail teller Club server and all my tags and stuff so so you'll be able to tag this because I'm podcasting about it all you should be able to find out all the information and then I'll pop the link on the podcast information so I'll do that today I'm going to go around putting the link everywhere it's also on my Instagram the links on my Instagram um and I looked yesterday at buying followers and what I think what we all need to understand is that nobody does this slow build anymore they just buy followers and it looks like you're really you know you're you're popular you're influential you just buy them that's what everybody's doing and I think it's really important to understand that if you're trying to grow something organically in order just to get followers you're not it's going to take you probably 20 years buying them is going to look good but the way to Target people for example people who are interested in music and want to live stream how am I going to Target them I'm not going to Target them on Instagram it's just because everybody's buying and everything's robots my Twitter is completely taken over by robots I've got all these women you know Marie and then a picture of a beautiful woman and it's a robot and then I got targeted by a man who was is probably in Sudan or somewhere because I've seen documentaries about how they target older women and that's what they do and the first thing he said is how old are you and then he sent me pictures of himself in a swimming pool and it was clearly not him it said he was Swedish I mean really just robots robots robots robots they're everywhere so how do you how do you manage that I suppose for me the nearest thing to interaction with non-robots is live streaming you know you see somebody live streaming you talk to them you know what they look like I don't care what anyone looks like but I I do care that I'm not talking to a robot or I'm not talking to a scam artist you know so I think live is going to really come back I think it's going to make a massive comeback this year 2023 that's my prediction we we want to know do you know what else I've been seeing fake tattooing and you know they're fake because they're not penetrating the skin so I saw somebody drawing this dog with a you know a tattoo pen and I thought there's no that's not going into the skin at all there's no plasma you'd see plasma so that tattoo isn't going to hold it's basically coloring on skin it's so annoying now that I'm a tattooist you can see that this is all totally and utterly manufactured made up just to get loads of viewers and hits and I don't want to waste my time with that I want to be doing real stuff you know and it's I guess it's why I'm going back to much more creative music and much more acoustic so I'll be live streaming this year that I'm I'm planning on live streaming videos playing cello talking about you know my creative process making creative stuff and doing really super creative things making mistakes you know these these videos that you see where there's no mistake made that there's no mistake made because it's fake to see and we're all going to get wise to that surely we're all going to get wise to that um anyway my server Telltale club which is on the Discord um server platform will be launching this year January in a few a couple of weeks and I'll be doing totally live stuff all the time and then of course you can share all your links there and I want it to be a place for sort of uh creative people so not just DJs you know musicians but also visual creatives what about you know live performance art what about that I mean that would be great wouldn't it so I'm really going to push that um and and share that link with you just press the link and it guides you through and and you can come and join the party and you don't have to be there 24 7 partying you know you just just join and and see what happens and see if you get actually inspired to be a bit more creative about things because 2023 where we've come out of this recession and we've had all this covert Malarkey you know and it's been [ __ ] awful frankly we are all going to be more creative because we're Innovative enough Innovative creativity you know because what happens after poverty and um feeling imprisoned because that's how we've been is massive massive waves of creativity so I'm really really very excited about it and I hope you join my server Telltale Club because you know I'm not going to sit there and tell everybody what they can do um obviously you've got to be nice to each other but you know I'm I'm not there for that I'm there really to get to get people creating really really cool people creating from all around the world now I have to go and eat something because my stomach's like louder than my voice um so check it out Telltale Club just Google tell teleclub you'll find all of my different things that I'm doing all over the Internet and to celebrate the Arts literature creativity all the wonderful the wonderfulness that Humanity can can give us it's there we've just got to fish around for it a bit Darlings