Saturday, January 7, 2023

Pump n Grind Free Ringtones📱by Tale Teller Club Mellow Sexy Beats 😎 For Music Action

okay so after the jarring annoyingness of the last ringtone I just uploaded now I've created one which makes this will make your granny bump and grind trust me on this this one is filled with sexy moves really really lovely um kind of GrooVe it's got I I've made this and then I thought I wanna I don't want to share that I want to keep that and use it in my next single because tomorrow I'm doing a single um but of course you know if if it's easy to find in logic pro it means that it's going to be really easy for everybody else to copy so you've got to bear that in mind when you use anything that's on when you're using logic pro Loops don't forget millions of other people will be using the exact same Loop so all I'm doing for you guys actually is really just I'm doing the hard work because I'm going and I'm putting it all together aren't I and because I'm a producer I find that easy and also if you don't have the software because it's 190 quid which I think is really really expensive actually I got three um free trials on different email accounts so they lasted me they were like six months trials they lost me a year and a half and then finally they wouldn't give me any more I think they got wise to me so I had to buy it and you know what I I had to save up for that and it was such a lot of money such a lot of money so me giving you these ringtones saves you having to buy the software which is really good isn't it um but yeah don't forget that anything that you get off the internet would just copyright free other people are going to use it that's what it means it's copyright free it means anyone can use it anyone can copy it so if you want if you want to write something unique do you know what I suggest I'd suggest if you hear a loop you really like that you change it slightly and maybe mimic it a bit do something different with it because otherwise all you're doing is creating the same old stuff and I see this I hear this on TV programs now I hear something I think oh I've used that I've used that in one of my tracks and it's infuriating I mean it's one of the reasons why I try and make really diverse crazy music because everybody is using the same material it's just getting regurgitated over and over again and then if you're like me and you sample a lot of classical stuff even more so because that stuff's been around for hundreds of years you know so finding new stuff to do is is the hardest thing anyway I'm here to do it for you I've done all the hard work and it turns it up a bit because I like it so much I couldn't turn the last one up too much because it was so annoying when the cat's sleeping in the studio I don't want to wake him so I've called this one mellow jungle Vibes Beats and it makes you want to pump pump the you know the old tweaking area it really does I love it so much enjoy my friends enjoy foreign [Music]

Art by iServalan at Tale Teller Club