Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Review of Devil’s Crown ๐Ÿ‘‘ Tale Teller Club Bored of Harry, Just Another Rich White Kid

 hey guys welcome to the music room now I was up all night after I did I must have done a 20-hour stint in headphones yesterday so my ears are they're kind of ringing today the other thing I did was not pay attention to my own obvious tips they're so obvious but it's easy to overlook them so the first thing when you've edited your work you need to listen to it on as much Hardware as you possibly can so TV iPhone smartphone and I mean if you've got like CD players and you know I don't know what anybody uses anymore do any of us use those I don't think so the other thing you can do which is really useful is upload it to um a podcast a free podcast and put it on YouTube because you need a visual with YouTube oh you're gonna have to edit it and all that you don't want to do that so you do it on a free podcast put it straight on YouTube as a private video okay and then you can listen to it on your TV to see it's such a good tip because most people are going I mean the thing is most people are probably going to listen to this on a phone you know that's the way of the world at the moment but I I'm pretty sure that TVs are still a a popular choice you know because you can link up your smartphone with your YouTube at the Press of a button and then you can hear what it sounds like on nav speakers if you've got because because TV speakers aren't you know they're not then unless you've got surround sound they're not designed for you know a sort of theater surround sound type stuff it just you know it's very different very flat and it's at the other side of the room so it's really good to have that so you can hear what it's going to sound like I didn't do that last night of course because I I'd been in headphones so long and it just sounded brilliant and I woke up this morning and I listened to the the version that I'd already sent off to um you know my distributor and I thought oh speaking everywhere and the thing was when you've got headphones on all day you everything becomes completely distorted you no longer hear things as you would ordinarily hear something okay so not only should you try it on lots of different things you shouldn't really send your Final Mix down out until the next day when you've slept and you know your ears have recovered my ears are throbbing today with the pain of it honestly I do like things loud anyway I've I've got the newest the newer version so the other one was peaking on the vocals and what I've done I could see now I could hear so I went back into my software logic pro and I could see that things were peaking because once you start putting the volumes up you tend to start putting everything up you know all the channels so at one point you know I might have put I don't know there's loads of piano in it for example there's a base but and I've I probably thought oh I love the base as a cellist obviously so I put the bass up and then I probably put all the vocals up and the piano to accommodate what you've got to do is you've got to take everything down again and then you can in the in the mix down when you when you save all your the project on your outgoing track then you import that download or that mix down this I call it my sort of first mix down and then I then I go in and I've got another logic pro template where I do all my Final Mix downs and I I sort of decide then I mean I very rarely have to do much except gain because I'm quite meticulous but of course I couldn't gain anything because it was already peaking everywhere but I just didn't notice last night I listened to it about a hundred times yesterday um so those are my tips for today um and here's the track now the track is about a hanging and it's about a woman you'll see by the cover of the track I'll include that in this um you know I'll use the cover for this um it's about a woman who Society has deemed as the devil and I was thinking about all these things you know I was thinking about that this Tate dude this awful man earned Greta and their big Twitter argument and I mean it's abhorrent isn't it but then I was thinking about how you know judgment it changes and what people think the devil incarnate is one decade one century can quite change the next and of course culturally we know that and religious religions all have different um you know ways of of identifying devil behavior and good Godly Behavior Etc um and you know who's to say who's right or wrong but the point of this is not to make judgment obviously I wouldn't dream of judging that's a light complete lie actually but you know it's to to flesh out the concept that is it is it okay all these people we put in prison and you know who's who who's judging Etc so and it's part of my immersion book anyway because all the music goes with the book of course it does but I'm writing short stories now about the characters the individual characters so I wanted to flesh out the what I really love about writing and making music is that is forming a concept and I that gets um juicier and juicier as time goes by so the corrupt city the zones which are in immersion where renick goes to he doesn't know why he's there but he doesn't know he can't figure it out but he meets all these different people and he's in a world where that's anarchic there's no there's no leak nothing's legal everybody's um you know a pirate basically they're Street Pirates and I was thinking about um how wonderful it would be to flesh out a character who'd been put in prison by by the the straight group if you like for group the boring lot the few the the set in the future in the mid zones of these people who you know everything's really sanitized and you've got a you have to follow the rules and life is you know expected because the wonderful thing about Rebels and Anarchy anarchic characters is you you don't know what to expect from them and I've always thought you know that boredom is the biggest curse of life it really is I mean it makes makes devil's work of course you know we all know that but also it makes living look more like death doesn't it for me anyway it really does um so I lock myself away and make music and art in a in an attempt I suppose to to make sure I don't have a boring life I mean I I hate boredom it doesn't often happen but every now and then it does happen it takes hold and you know through lockdown at the start I was sort of thinking [ __ ] this is a bit heavy how am I going to survive this but of course I just learned to play the cello basically and learn to be a music producer so it was it was really good actually for me but what if you don't have challenges you know if you don't do all these things it must be really bloody boring um so anyway the devil the devil's Crown is really about Society thinking that this woman is the devil incarnate and they hang her for it and the devil which is a concept because I don't believe in the actual devil but the devil now wears her crown you know when when we find evidence of the devil we we use it to armor our our identity of what the devil is without these people and these things we wouldn't know who the devil was we only know who the devil was by humans that have empowered him or her um funnily enough I got my AI to my eye surveillance side as my AI self and I got I serve learn to design the devil for me for the cover and It produced a woman and I thought oh that's really interesting I just imagined it was a man and that's I suppose that's gender bias isn't it I mean we've got Prince Harry going going on and bloody on about race racial bias unconscious bias I mean I wish he'd shut up now he's really droning on I mean he's just a rich white kid a very rich white kid does he have any relevance to to you or I and it's this constant bleating is just going to make him an even more bleeding white rich kid you know it's boring as hell I mean all the it's all the news are talking about here it's really boring as hell I tell you anyway um here is my new track and this is the good mix down Devil's Crown mixdown two dot wav it's called here um so this should uh I mean play it Loud Play put the headphones on listen to my beautiful piano I really like the piano I really like the ARP synthesizer really really like um the bass line and of course really like the concept and really love my robots My Robot Band absolutely brilliant love it love it love it hope you enjoy it [Music]

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presents no presence



the song

it's because of the city [Music] foreign [Music]



take me away [Music] correct [Music] things

[Music] The Young and the prettiest


one the pie for a self-loathing crowd and the Devil Himself became [Music] foreign [Music]

I'm going to try and do two weeks as I said earlier so um one day I think one day it takes quite a lot to do the writing the you know the concept um because what you're doing is you're writing a a story and then and it's got to have some Rhythm and it's got to have some poignancy for me anyway so I'm gonna write today rather than edit so no headphones for the rest of the day so I'll be back later anyway I'll do a free ringtone probably later and tonight I'm going to be doing a bit of a tattoo um session so join me for that if you like on at the website Telltale Club tail-tele.club that's it that's it take care

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