Saturday, January 7, 2023

Time to get up Free Ringtones by Taletellerclub teenager alarm call ๐Ÿ“ฑ to wake the dead ๐Ÿ’€

 hey guys welcome to the music room and a free ringtone I'm so organized today I always work quite hard on a Saturday funnily enough um and I'm recovering from the over indulgence of chocolate at Christmas so I didn't want to go out I didn't want to have wine or anything I just thought right do you know what I'm going to do I'm going to get on top of everything and make sure all the things I've promised to do are actually done today it's a Miracle of Miracles but I'm on point today Darlings so this is a it's not quite a ringtone I'm going to do a pleasant ringtone in a minute what I've actually made for you is an alarm and I used to have a son who lived with me who well I had various uh children who lived with me but one of them was a son and he could not get up in the morning and I wish I'd had logic pro back in the day and I would have just played this over and over again right by his ear because it's the most annoying alarm tone forward slash ringtone that I've ever ever heard so I've created something really annoying which is not you know what I I don't feel I was born to do it but you know if you want to make something really jarring if you're making a movie or something you're using you know logic pro to create sounds that that create angst or fear or you know unpleasantness you're gonna have to put away things like Pleasant musicality because present musicality is is something that you know will either send people to sleep or they'll hum along to it or they'll pay too much attention to it with without the sort of subconscious sense that something jarring and scary can create so you know think about that when you're when you're designing because it is designing really you design music for a film for a film score rather than create it you're you know it's it's got an application designing is much more about a function isn't it so when you design if you design a code for example the function of it is to keep you warm or to keep you dry um the function of film music is to add to the sense to immerse The Listener deep in but anyway I sort of ambled across this and I and I thought that's a really jarring annoying sound and it would it would wake anyone up and then I thought well why don't I just upload that as a free alarm signal for all my listeners who who Amber along to Telltale Club so here we go here's a non-ambling rather unpleasant but you know you can sample you can do what you like to I don't care what you do with this um it's completely royalty free so fill your boots darling fill your boots [Music]