Welcome to the 60 Summers, a TV Station specially designed for an older audience who have found mainstream channels are not meeting their needs.

This cinema is for people interested in health, fashion, politics, DIY, and debate, but with a commitment to intellectualism, life knowledge, and wisdom.

We are ad-free and welcome subscribers and filmmakers from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world.

This cinema can be watched easily on your phone and computer monitors and does not require any knowledge or technical equipment.

Our productions are fun, friendly, and innovative, and we do not show intolerance of any kind.

Sign up is easy through PayPal or your card and our subscription is affordable and may be canceled at any time with immediate effect.

Welcome to a brave new world where maturity is cherished and nurtured, supported and encouraged, a time for us to live at last free from the shackles of youth.

Sharing good things at the press of a button.

Welcome to 60 Summers.

Ms. Sarnia de la Maré FRSA.