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'Enlightenment through Art, harnessing creative power'

The Dominartist Project is the umbrella name for a group of creative endeavors seeking enlightenment through the creative arts. Mission Statements


How did the Dominartist Project start? ​ The Dominartist Project was founded in 2020 as a groundbreaking virtual and interactive multimedia art exhibition. The Project developed into a creative enterprise featuring video, performance, words, music, and installations funded by the radical arts foundation, FUTURE"S VENTURE. The Dominartist who kickstarted the project was thrown a curveball when three weeks later the country found itself in lockdown. The project needed to re-evaluate a strategy that could engage with the public using the facilities available. ​ But waiting in a state of uncertainty is the worst possible scenario for any artist. Artists need to be working and to be showing the work they do. Artists do not sit on their laurels. ​ Thus the Dominartist Project became an entirely virtual one, making full use of the available technology and a global audience forced to stay at home. ​ With generous funding from the Future's Venture Foundation, the project was able to buy its own little bit of internet space for at least five years. This would become the online portal and the doorway to endless creative possibilities. ​ This fantastic adventure is a baby of lockdown; an online adventure with interactive spaces, happenings, facilities of engagement and more. ​ The project has galleries to view, opinions to share and a new wave of creative art that is spawned entirely from the pandemic, with all its restrictions and possibilities. ​ It has been a busy year and we are still going strong. The project, nurtured in the Covid-19 year, has grown and flourished into something spectacular.





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