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my daily bible podcast

My Daily Bible is one of the high-performing podcasts owned by The Tale  Teller Club. Daily uploads of scriptures, sermons, essays and religious discussions pertaining to Christianity are available for free to anyone.
Free audiobooks from the Tale Teller Club Talking book library are uploaded daily and can be accessed through the site or the app. Full instructions and links on our bible page.

My Daily Bible

Tale Teller Club


A Christian podcast for biblical readings, literature and commentary.
Public domain texts and self-help support from daily uploads to guide Christians on their way.

If you have something to contribute to the TTC Podcast, please make contact via the chatbox or through the contact page at

If you would like to be interviewed about matters of the bible or to promote Christian endeavors, we can link up via our new Skype connect facility too.

The Tale Teller Club also features many other religious and philosophical readings at the Fount podcast.

Tale Teller Club podcasting is an international station providing enlightenment through literature and music.

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