This gallery shop features the Dominartist Project merchandise from 2020.  


The live exhibition caused quite a stir in the art world for its groundbreaking insights into artistry and feminism within the world of erotic performance, photography, and fine art.

The artist suggests that the Dominatrix is an artist and that her work is art.

The exhibition went online as a direct result of the horrifying Covid 19 Pandemic but the merchandise remains as a fantastic reminder of the amazing event which was funded by the Future's Venture Foundation.

Most of the dresses are either single editions or limited runs of 100.

The dresses were really made as a tool to represent the female dream of empowerment.


The artist DOMINARTIST sought to create a collaboration between the creator and the wearer and to extend the power of the images beyond the confines of the contemporary art print. Women wearing the art gives the work another dimension, more so than an artwork displayed on a wall. 

The wearer energizes the print and the print energizes the wearer. This two-way message becomes a creative collaboration that was in line with the overall exhibition.


The exhibition focussed heavily on the power of clothes to create the essence of the Dominatrix, the unexpected evolution of power-infused gender, and the feminization of men.

The dresses in this collection are artworks that can be worn. But they can also be framed and kept as an artwork like any other investment limited edition print.

If worn the wearer becomes involved in the continuation of the exhibition. The choice is up to you.

The artist called this process 'art dressing' and described the concept as an international catwalk. whereby wearers, male or female, become charged with the energies of the Dominatrix who channels the rise of the feminine.

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