interactive exhibitions

Established in 2020 by de la Maré, the online virtual gallery offers cutting-edge interactive and immersive experiences to visitors and art fans alike.

The Galleries de la Maré concept has now proved so popular that we decided to extend the possibilities by featuring multi-media shows using artworks from the immersive storytelling platform IMMERSION.

Immersion is a free exhibition and will open on New Years' Day 2022.


The exhibition is free and open to anyone with access to the internet.

This site and exhibitions has been made possible with Future's Venture Arts Funding.

Spend as much time as you like perusing the shows and revisit them at any time. 

The nature of Tale Teller Club's virtual show allows us to add and withdraw exhibits regularly as they become more relevant to the live Immersive concepts.

Our visiting art and music fans are never disappointed.

The mix of media and genres adds to the excitement too. 

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You may find that viewing the Immersion art exhibition here at the Tale Teller Club gallery is easier, and therefore more enjoyable, on a desktop computer. 

Our partners at Kunstmatrix in Germany have created a wonderful innovative designer gallery for us. 

It works beautifully with an optional automatic slide show of the artifacts. You can also use the arrows and create your own walk-through.

For more information, drop Sarnia (AKA the Tale Teller Club) a message via the contact page.

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