Full Bloom Adult Literature Audiobooks Podcast 

The adult audiobook library at Tale Teller Club is called Full Bloom and it is for adults only.

There is a wealth of wonderful adult literature at Full bloom as well as the Countess of Brighton and Hackney Diaries which were recorded many years ago as part of the Goddam Media recordings.

These diaries were a light hearted spoof style diary about the Countesses true life experiences in Brighton hosting the underground parties and art exhibitions that were not suitable for delicate flowers or mothers in law.

Bad taste was the Countess of Brighton and Hackney's default but the diaries went deeper than a satirical observation of everyday life.

The Full Bloom Podcasts also feature recording from the Internet Archive read by our colleagues and fellow storytellers from Librivox.

All Librivox readings are royalty free and you are able to perform them or play them without copyright restrictions. Royalty free episodes are clearly stated at the start of each audiobook along with the narrator's details.

If you are concerned about permissions just drop us a line or WhatsApp message and we will get back as soon as we can.

Also featured regularly on the Full Bloom Podcast are recordings of live poetry from the Brighton Arts Club open mic nights and similar events.

The Tale Teller Club updates daily to the Full Bloom Podcasts so you are never short on great material to listen to and explore.

I mark the more adult pods as explicit to make sure audiences understand that I recommend mature listeners only.

Generally the Tale Teller Book Club prefers to share amusing and joyous literature and recordings as opposed to anything upsetting so please take the warnings as safe side advice only.

If you have a story of your own you would like me to read for one of our podcasts then do drop me, the Tale Teller a message on the contact page and I will get back as soon as possible. Likewise, if you already have a recording of your own work, feel free to send that in and I will gladly host it any one the Tale Teller Podcast shows.

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