Our Funding is running out! Can you help?

At the Tale Teller Club, we are dedicated towards investing in amazing ideas and technologies that will impact the world in astounding ways.


With an array of fundraising ideas, exhibitions and volunteer projects, we are committed to enhancing the viewing experience and the immersive possibilities of the platform. The TTC hopes to enable access to all throughout the world without the normal boundaries of location and class.


We welcome you to join us on our endeavours and be a part of making a difference in the way people absorb art and storytelling online.

We believe in the rights of all people to share in the possibilities that music and literature can offer to ordinary people to enrich their lives.

Our goal at the Tale Teller Club is to continue with the amazing opportunity given to us by the Future's Venture Foundation for Radical Arts and to embrace other creators who have a vision, to help creative entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and creativity into successful , influential action. 

But creating this space costs money and our funding has run out.

We are totally reliant on donations in a difficult world the unpredictable forces of marketing economies. Our extortionate running costs for the site which has blossomed over the last year, are barely covered.


Labour is provided completely free of charge by our readers and music teachers.


Believe in what we do and want to be a part of it? Feel that you have what it takes to start turning dreams into a reality? We’re sure you’ll fit right in with the community at the Tale Teller Club.


We love meeting people who share the same values as us.


Get in touch with Sarnia, and join us in making a long lasting impact.