Welcome to the Immersion Cinema (PG)

This cinema is for the Immersion book readers and features all the films from the role-playing scenarios and individual chapters.

Immersion is an ongoing weekly series that is growing in real-time over the coming months created by the artist known as Vapor Punk.


The films are illustrated moving image narrations, instructions about the lives and experiences of the characters in the strata, and immersive, abstract, and surreal emotional backing tracks These videos are developed and designed to create moods and spiritual connections.

Immersion Cinema is only available to members but you can watch the trailers for free without signing up.

This cinema is a fully immersive online archive of all the videos made by Vapor Punk with historic videos used in sampling, in the highest quality possible audio formats to give the best listening experience.


The nature of these films requires a highly polished production suite for viewers and listeners to attain the immersive engagement we seek.

It is recommended that you listen on a great sound system or good quality headphones for a true appreciation of the soundtracks which are an integral part of the Immersion Cinema suspension of belief.


The collections and premiers at the Immersion Cinema experience are second to none and form a fantastic modern art gallery that includes a growing collection of amazing, authentic, and groundbreaking video art.


You are invited to our moving image tours and the Kunstmatrix online digital illustration galleries which feature NFT film clips from the Immersion series.


We hope that you will find the experiences here entertaining and inspirational as the Tale Teller Club and the Immersion platform take you through an artistic journey fusing sound with moving and still image as well as emotional sensory feelings.