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Clothes are tools of feminine evolution.

The Dominartist prints original artworks from the Dominartist Exhibition on dresses rather than paper.

The Dominartist seeks to collaborate with a real model linked by an idea.

The model or wearer is the channel for the idea. Anyone can be a collaborator if they have a dress.

The dress now becomes a fluid artwork that the artist's two-dimensional art print lacked. This dress relies on the collaborator to make the idea.

The idea is that enlightenment can be discovered through art. The dress is the art.

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Film can exploit human sensory perceptions. Film fuses sound, moving images, and more importantly, emotions. Suspension of belief allows the sensitive connection between the maker and the viewer as well as facilitating an empathetic union.

The viewer is transported into a temporary reality.

Humans understand storytelling from childhood. Storytelling has an important place in our culture. We understand the highly complex interplay between reality and imagination.

Truth for women means honesty about our roots and the ability to share our experiences without censorship.

The Dominartist films are creative artworks about what it means to be female.

Abuse and violence are part of a shared female experience that is continuously discouraged from the active discourse. Films by the Dominartist address this complex issue of the shaming of women in an environment where their praise is constructed within the rules of patriarchy.

The Dominartist seeks change. Change requires disruption.

© 2020 Dominartist

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The Dominartist began as a 2-year performance artwork.

The artist, known only as Dominartist, took on the identity of a dominatrix in order to explore the feminine icon and the unstable balance between female reverence and the socio-sexual shaming of women. The Dominartist sought to explore ideas of 'gender fusion' and 'gender fluidity' and if identifiable gender traits could be appropriated and used to exploit positions of power or submission.

Within the landscape of sex work, the Dominartist observed how guilt and reputation intertwine with the female idea of self, how those ideas of self are actively and consistently engaging with memories and hopes from childhood, and how they are plagued by echos or ghosts of personal disappointment in feminine activities.

These observations were source materials for installations and artworks in the gallery exhibition entitled SHAME. The Dominartist observed how power is enabled or disabled by myth and legend and if it can be sustained beyond the confines of the image, especially when it is created, preserved or shifted within the paradigm of social media and the internet. The culmination of the performance is an exhibition and book cataloging artworks for public engagement.

With the arts funding from the Future's Venture Foundation, the Dominartist was able to create a substantial body of work during lockdown. With the use of the software, equipment and funding for five years of internet space, the artist created an exciting interactive multimedia platform loosely divided into genres of literature, film, music and photography. These genres are now represented online using partner platforms;

Several interactive exhibition spaces hosted through our partners Kunstmatrix in Germany.

An online print shop with our partners at Printful.

A book published through our partners at Amazon and KDP publishing.

A fully functioning multimedia website hosted by WIX featuring our feminist cinema channels and blog

Our podcast station streamed via our partners at Spreaker.

Other partners include secondary sharing and hosting platforms, iTunes, Spotify and around fifty other global partners who host and stream the Dominartist soundtracks, compositions and podcasts.

The Dominartist uses commercial advertising, eventually, the business model will generate funding for the streaming costs allowing the project to break even within five years of the online project. This would mean that the platform would become self-funding and continue to exist after the five years supported by Future's Venture.

The nature of the website is such that although the exhibition has reached completion, as an online endeavour it can continue to grow. This organic growth, with the spawning of new ideas, new artworks and new interactive technologies, has started already.

Future's Venture people and interested journalists can request a free VIP membership to the new Dominartist Cinema allowing them to stay up to date with news and watch the weekly films for free.

Visitors can pay a nominal fee to watch each film individually or sign up to a channel as a supporter and patron.