NFT Portfolio Page

Welcome to our online catalogue of NFTs


The Tale Teller Club NFT collection features nearly 20 years of artworks by Goddamn Media, the Dominartist, Ecofam, Charles Frinton, Vapor Punk, and Immersion.

The catalogue is a growing one as we have so many digital artworks to collate and you can ask that we mint any artwork on the blockchain and negotiate a fair deal.

All NFTs are limited editions, usually single editions.

We sell through our account at OpenSea and are fully verified.

The asset trading platform is simple to use and upon purchase the Tale Teller Club transfers ownership to the buyer for a seamless transaction.

What is an NFT?

An NFT  is a digital trading card that functions as a digital-only artifact without a physical form. NFTs can however be displayed in digital display units now available to purchase.

Sustainability and eco concerns


Due to the nature of the blockchain and its footprint, we are not minting NFTs until a buyer makes an offer of purchase. This seems to be the most efficient way forward but remains flexible as the market develops. If the system becomes untenable, they could be banned and if the concept becomes too unsustainable we will withdraw the catalogue. For now, we have dipped our toe in.

In terms of artworks, the type we sell here at the Tale Teller Project, the NFT can be likened to an investment art print that can be cherished, resold, gifted and preserved. But as a very new way of selling art we advise that anyone treads carefully.

You can listen to my show for daily tips and a bit of fun too.

Because each digital entity comes with an ownership record they cannot be forged and ownership becomes part of the entegral artwork. This means that ownership is totally clear and transparent and the provenance is clear.

NFTs can be bought and resold just as fine art prints can.


What Kind of NFT are you selling?

The Tale Teller NFTs are all artworks in their own right and affiliated directly to various projects over the last couple of decades by musician and artist Sarnia de la Maré FRSA who has practiced under several pseudonyms.

The genre of the artworks are broadly identified as photography, performance art, film, digital design and fashion. But you are safe in the knowledge that the purchase is for and NFT, above all.