Self Help for anyone looking for healing and improvement

in mental or physical health

Feeling low seems to be inevitable in this busy world we live in.

We have all found things difficult, you are not alone.


You’re already walking down the path of wellness. You’re here, reading this, coming into our world and reading and listening to our words of hope and wellness.


This means you have intentionally taken the necessary steps toward prioritizing your health of both mind and body. 


Through the wonder of literature, storytelling and music, we can grow together.

It may well be a cliché, but it’s grounded in truth: There is always so much more that unites us as human beings and creators than that which divides us.


We all have a deep-rooted need for communal support. We need to be part of a group, a team, a friend circle. We know all feel physically better when our minds are at peace and working in equalibrium with those around us.


We know from experience and wisdom that we all could benefit from a less cluttered routine. That relaxation is of prime benefit to us all.


As an experienced music teacher and retired therapist,  I am thrilled to share these broadcasts with you.


I’m here not to teach you, but to learn with you, to develop strategies for human growth and contentment.

I will share all my piano improvising and music therapy sessions, the Rife Sessions for health both mental and physical, chat and debate about working through issues and the search for inner peace.

Thank you for joining me on this page.

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Polly and Fred is a podcast designed for families with health issues, special needs and wellnes concerns and for anyone else who would like to listen in.

Special needs can range from people with autism, Asperger syndrome, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, dysgraphia, blindness, deafness, ADHD, and cystic fibrosis. 

Special needs might also include blind and deaf children and a range of conditions that impact on well-being and learning.

I will be uploading therapy music from Sarnia de la Maré School of Music and Cello with lessons for nonplayers and players.

I will include self-hypnosis and meditation aids.

This podcast is for anyone who may benefit from the material we post.

I will be sharing the piano and resonance healing audios here too.

 Antithrombin III Deficiency, Astrocytoma, Ataxia Telangiectasia, Blepharospasm, Bloom Syndrome, Bowen Disease, Burkholderia Infections, Cancer-Islet Cell Carcinoma, Cancer-Lymphoma, Cancer-Otorhinolaryngologic, Cancer-Parathyroid, Cancer-Sarcoma General, Cancer-Sezary Syndrome, Chondrosarcoma, Coxsackie Virus Infections, Creeping Eruption, Currarino Syndrome, Cystinosis, Dientamoebiasis, Dystrophia Brevicollis Congenita, Echinococcosis, Fibrous Dyplasia Polyostotic, Fibrous Dysplasia of Bone, Giant Lymph Node Hyperplasia, Gilbert Disease, Glycogenosis, Holmes-Adie Syndrome, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Kuru Encephalopathy, Lipodystrophy Intestinal, Lymphogranuloma Venereum, Microvascular Angina, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, Olivopontocerebellar Atrophies, Paralysis Bulbar, Paroxysmal Hemoglobinuria, Perineurial Cysts, Pityriasis, Poland Syndrome, Progressive Intracranial Occlusive Arteriopathy, Proteus Syndrome, Pseudomonas Infections, Quadriplegia, Rat-Bite Fever, Retinoschisis, Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome, Sarcoma Osteogenic, Sclerosis Hereditary Spinal, Sezary Syndrome, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Strongyloidiasis, Teratoma, Tuberous Sclerosis, Tumor Breast Non-Malignant, Tumor General Non-Malignant, Uveomeningoencephalitis, Vasospasm Intracranial, Waardenburg Syndrome, Xanthomatosis, Zellweger Syndrome, Alternative Medicine, Alternative Therapies, Resonant Therapy, Therapy, Healing Remedies, Vibrational Therapies, Healing Sound, Music-Sound Frequencies Mix, Public Domain, ok33

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The list is uploading over the coming weeks as below

1 Alignment Of Individual 42m session - 03:29
2 Alzheimer Disease 30m session - 01:39
3 Amnesia Brain 27m session - 02:03
4 Amyloidosis 30m session - 02:06
5 Apoplexy 42m session - 03:57
6 Appetite Lack Of 33m session - 04:18
7 Astral Projection 10m session - 00:58
8 Astral Travel 10m session - 01:52
9 Auto Intoxication 30m session - 08:20:13
10 Balancing Of Body 10m session - 00:41
11 Bunions 10m session - 00:41
12 Concentration Improve 15m session - 02:24
13 Contusion Bruise 10m session - 00:47
14 Crick In The Neck 12m session - 12:03
15 Cyst Sebaceous 60m session - 03:04
16 Dandruff Scales 15m session - 15:03
17 Deafness1 36m session - 04:31
18 Dental Ulcers 12m session - 12:03
19 Dizziness 10m session - 01:41
20 Emotions General Aid 33m session - 02:31
21 Energy Vitality1 18m session - 00:47
22 Energy Vitality2 12m session - 01:24
23 Fecal Incontinence 30m session - 01:51
24 Felis Cats 12m session - 12:03
25 Gait Disorders Neurologic 30m session - 02:47
26 General Cleanser 51m session - 16:28:35
27 Headaches Unknown Cause 27m session - 02:34
28 Healing Special 30m session - 02:43
29 Hemorrhoids Piles 18m session - 02:13
30 Hiccups 19m session - 00:57
31 Histerical Symptoms 15m session - 01:03
32 Hoarseness 12m session - 03:20:28
33 Huntington Disease 30m session - 30:03
34 Hyperacidity Solar Plexus 5m session - 00:22
35 Hyperacidity Stomach2 10m session - 00:55
36 Idiopathic Parkinson Disease 30m session - 02:56:22
37 Infection Diabetic 24m session - 24:03
38 Insomnia 30m session - 01:14
39 Intellectual Ability 5m session - 05:03
40 Intermittent Claudication Muscle 10m session - 00:46
41 Intuition Awakening 5m session - 00:21
42 Involuntary Muscles 5m session - 05:03
43 Knee Injury 30m session - 08:15:34
44 Knee Joint Pain 39m session - 04:04
45 Lentigo 30m session - 30:03
46 Ligaments Stimulate Healing 9m session - 09:03
47 Locomotor Ataxia Muscle Failure 12m session - 12:03
48 Locomotor Convulsions 10m session - 10:03
49 Lung General Tonic 10m session - 01:15
50 Luxation Joints 10m session - 01:20
51 Memory-Test Taking Improve 5m session - 05:03
52 Numbness 48m session - 48:03
53 Skin Collagen Building 30m session - 03:25
54 Spastic Paresis 10m session - 00:21
55 Stability 10m session - 00:51
56 Sunstroke 30m session - 08:42:11
57 Surgery Anaesthesia Detox 10m session - 00:59
58 Surgical Pain Postop 10m session - 10:03
59 Tendomyopathy Tendon 39m session - 39:03
60 Vision Acuity 57m session - 57:03