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Detoxing my life, coming off meds and getting fit for a future I am creating myself. iServalan Diary

good morning it's 5 a.m it was about 5 30 now actually and I'm detoxing and I've got I've actually got a blinding headache oh gosh so I'm giving up coffee I'm doing a 24-hour fast um I don't normally eat till about six anyway six a.m so this is no different to what I'd normally do so I stopped eating a stick too and I wouldn't normally eat until you know when I woke up around seven seven or eight or depending depends when I wake so um this is not really into my 24 hour if you see what I mean so I'm not at all hungry not remotely hungry it's interesting because I think I convinced myself yesterday that I didn't you know I wasn't going to be troubled by the food but I knew I knew that I'd be troubled by giving up all my medication so I've stopped the heartburn tablets and met Brazil because they're actually really bad for you you should only take Omeprazole if you've got Barrett's or you know serious gerd or an or you know a chronic condition that's with you all the time well my heartburn isn't with me all the time I've noticed I mean I didn't know that because I was taking omeprazole so I wasn't a pretty low dose but you know you start thinking well I'm taking this every day it's sort of poisoning my body so I was really considering you know my future my future health and they've linked it now to Alzheimer's and I'm very concerned about getting that because I wouldn't be able to work anymore I really like working you know I've launched my career in my mature years and that's really important to me so yeah um I haven't taken a heartburn well I haven't taken the prohibitors the things that stop the acid for about four days I think so last night I did have a small amount of heartburn so I just took some pep tax stuff you know like Gaviscon and I it's fine it's absolutely fine so I'm working out I'm working out what my body needs and what it doesn't need I might have to go back on them I don't know yet um but the body when you first give up these PPI prohibitors it does over produce acid for about two weeks until everything goes back down to normal and what I'm hoping to do is through diet knock any problems on the head so no wine really bad apparently for heartburn and I'm not going to do any coffee today I don't think if I can manage it I mean I normally have two or three very large coffees first then

so anyway I have these terrible terrible migraines which I get um amitriptyline for and I've given those up as of last night because they cause heartburn I I didn't know that I had no idea so I've been taking amitriptyline for neck pain because I'm on the computer too long and then having to take these PPI prohibitors um you know and I'm just I was sort of thinking well I might just do is this crazy is this is this what the world does it just drugs itself it it does things that aren't in tune with its body and then drugs itself so I'm trying to realign with the universe physically emotionally I think I've done that this is physically so really trying to tune my you know the human body is a work of Genius it really is and it doesn't often go wrong I mean obviously when you get a bit older things do start to get a bit you know oops but is that inevitable if you really tune in you know really look after it eat to the right things do the right amount of exercise so these are my thoughts at the moment and if you're following the TV shows you'll know that I've started exercising well I start property today so I'm gonna do some exercises later on but that's on the TV show at Telltale Club you can probably wrong there um I'm really excited actually about this this newfound alignment I'm going to call it alignment there we go I think that's a good word isn't it anyway my cat doesn't know what the hell's going on because he he's lying in the bed next to me and I've got up and I've opened the curtains and I'm recording a broadcast and he's just gone back to sleep again he doesn't has no idea I'm never up at this time um or very rarely so I've got a bit I won't lie I've got a bit of a front front lobe throb so that would suggest to me actually a bit of dehydration so I'm I'm drinking plenty of water I'm going to detox today till about two o'clock so join me then I'll give you an update and I'm going to do two a friend has told me that you should well that that detox is uh sorry fasts for 224 hours two 24-hour periods per month and I have heard that that's really good for us so I'm going to give that a go and just see what happens mostly I think just to see what my body does without anything in it except water you know water is fine water's lovely so I'm the way you get through this or one of the ways that I get through it is to just think what am I looking forward to and I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to a coffee now I'd researched about coffee and reflux really bad it's the acid in the coffee the coffee has acid in it and if you have an espresso made with coarse ground it has less acid in it it's better for heartburn of course there's it's more concentrated but it's actually and it's got removes more caffeine which you know turns me on loads caffeine does but it's there's less of it so it's going to go through your system probably I imagine quicker um it's not you know gushing around I mean I have a pint and a half of coffee before 10 am that's probably that probably hasn't been great the other thing I do is I sit hunched up over a computer so today during my fasting I'm going to alternate between 45 minute periods on the computer and then exercise just little bursts it'll start off probably on my exercise bike and gradually through the day as I get more Target I'm bound to get tired the exercise will be in a different type of exercise so stretching um a plank maybe a press up if I can manage one when I am physically quite weak and my muscle wastage has been colossal since my cancer because it was after my cancer that I started taking all these drugs you know and that was five years ago um and it's no accident I can't see that these things aren't unrelated you know the in bed on my computer for most of the day because it stops the pain in my neck a lack of General exercise um I mean I do cycle but you know it doesn't that's not enough is it you know you need to be getting off and moving around movement I think that's that's what I'm talking about I'm going to really look at movement and how the lack of movement is impacting on my digestion there's also something called stomach breathing which I'll look into today and then I'll do a podcast about it I mean this is really exciting guys you know really exciting because it's life-changing and obviously I want to live till I'm 120 and I mean to actually 140 but I'm being uh it sounds less ridiculous if I say 120. because most people die at you know before 100 not after lots of us are living till over 100 now though um so I'm going to get on with my exciting Newfound life and I just hope that this front lobe headache disappears if it doesn't I'll take my matrixyl again I'm not going to be you know I don't want to to impact on my life um but maybe I'll just take one and and see if that does the trick so um yeah join me join me later guys at Telltale Club bye.

iServalan Homotech 23 AI is the artist in residence at the Tale Teller Club producing surreal artworks and audiobooks using AI and human hand

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