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Free Ringtones and Singtones by iServalan™ at Tale Teller Club with female vocal samples

Listen to our Free Ringtone and music tips podcasts every day with iServalan, a musician and composer from the Tale Teller Club.

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iServalan creates free music every day with Logic Pro, Garageband and Audacity

Text for transcription

hello gorgeous people of the internet I'm a little bit frazzled because I've been work trying to work with Avid Pro Tools for the last four hours and it's I think my system is to my computer system is maybe too old I'm thinking that because it stopped all of my stuff working it stopped my podcast recording working so I've had to record um you know in the middle of something and I've had to come and record here and this is my MacBook Pro thing so yeah I'm I'm gonna say that I really don't think my relationship with Avid Pro Tools has a future that's how I'm feeling now it may be that I changed my mind it may be that you never know I might find a friend who's really really good at um you know music engineering because I think it's much more about it that's much more of an engineering platform than it is a record production I'm this they're kind of both the same aren't they but the engineer is the the person that sits in the background with headphones on working out all the levels the engineer isn't kill isn't really very creative the engineer does all the clunk click stuff do you see what I mean and I just think it's much more suitable for that sort of entry level um record production it does have a virtual software um input with 16 inputs and I thought well that sounds nice because I've got a mixing desk that I haven't managed to use yet so I can see that you know maybe in the future there will be somebody that passes through my life who will say oh don't worry I can do that let's sit down and do it um that would be my hope but you know after four hours of fiddling with buttons and not getting any sound I've just sort of given up I couldn't get it to work with my zoom mic I couldn't get it to work with my Sonic thing you know my my audio box um I couldn't get it to work with the integral sound it in the computer I I just gave up in the end you know and I consider myself a reasonable um you know I've got a degree in digital music you'd kind of think that was enough maybe not but you know if it's a problem with the age of my computer it's absolutely Boggle all I can do about that so I've sort of given up anyway I've done your ringtone because nothing would stop me doing the free ringtones for you guys so this one is I have been programmed to love you oh that sounds nice doesn't it and this is I surplan vocal which I've sort of decided ice overnight is going to be much more about spoken word because I'm just about to release a spoken word um album so yeah enjoy it's yours for personal use um single events and non-profit and education so enjoy it let me know what you think join me on The Telltale Club um for a monthly subscription subscription and you can share you can give I'll give you a Blog and you can share your own stuff that's really exciting

I have been programmed to love you love you is all I know lay back and let me love you [Music]

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