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I've Got My Groove On 🎤 Today at the Free Music Podcast by iServalan

hey Beauties welcome to the internet welcome to the power of the internet to share your music around so I've made a really nice one today and I'm going I'm I was cycling earlier do you know what cycling is a really good way of um writing music for some reason I think it might be something to do with all the sounds around you know the traffic has a sort of um a bit like a drone and I've used a drone today in my sample um you can hear wind you know the it is it's a sensitive and there's this sort of I mean if it's a really quiet day you can still hear White Noise you can hear something drones of traffic hums you know and I have actually identified different wins in different Keys before honestly I've heard a wind it's gone past my ears as I'm cycling along and it's reminded me of a song I've written maybe in C sharp major or you know all of these different keys that I practice every day you know so it's really exciting anyway I think that's maybe why I get so inspired so I was just cycling along today just popped up to get something from the post office and um I these words come to me so I hear the Drone and then the the words fall into it and that's how I make my Loops I play something and I just get an idea to see it it's really weird how it happens so um I've got my groove honor this one is and I've put it with a drone and what I did was I used an 80s uh loop Apple Loop put it through a plug-in a drone plug-in under the experimental section because that's my favorite section for all vocals is the experimental so you can hear my Flex plugin here as well and Ice everyone so I've got two singers I've got a male and female singer and with the Drone in the 80s and I like it so much so much that I'm going to use it for us my next single which I wrote the words to um earlier on my bicycle so there we go isn't it wonderful how creative you know you can be when you're doing seemingly quite mundane task I'll tell you what doing these mundane tasks that's when I really get creative because my my brain wanders off and I'm just on autopilot and when I'm cycling I'm pretty much on autopilot except yesterday when I did crash into the job center window because I was I wasn't concentrating don't do that guys anyway here you go free free sample free ringtone free Loop um free download and don't forget we've got loads of nodes on our podcast every day and if you go to the site you'll be able to see all the stuff that I do all these lovely loops and things like that and if you become a member you can have really high definition versions of all of these they're all in a catalog back catalog and they're free to members as a file so I can actually send you the original file so it's a bit of a bonus yeah okay bye


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