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iServalan Bootlegs, Stolen Designs are Available in China. Very bad copies, should I be flattered?

I was googling myself this morning, I do it a lot to check things, and I came across a store on AliExpress selling bootlegs of my designs. They look terrible! But I guess it means I am worthy of my first bootleg!

iServalan Bootlegs, Stolen Designs are Available in China. Very bad copies, should I be flattered?

I turns out that it is happening to a lot of artists, clothes designers and makers and culprits are AliExpress, Amazon, Shein, to name but a few.

The designs have been copied from my budget store on Redbubble which I was going to close down anyway. Today I did just that.

Call new designs and hand finished with excellent imaging and an allover print. I think bootlegging those will be much harder. Though I am sure there will be some eventually.

It is up to you where you spend your money and I am happy to buy my low end stuff from China in a recession. This is the reality of consumerism, it looses the connection between talent and patron.

(The big culprits also get their images from social media platforms, eg Instagram)

Navigating the Gray Area: Bootlegging and Pirating in the World of iServalan.

Bootlegs, Stolen Designs are Available in China. Very bad copies, should I be flattered?

Fashion has always been a reflection of culture and creativity, with designers and brands often pushing the boundaries of innovation. iServalan, a brand known for its unique and captivating tee unisex dresses, has inspired many fashion enthusiasts. However, like any successful brand, Isevalan has found itself at the center of a complicated issue: bootlegging and pirating. In this blog post, we'll explore the nuances of this issue and its impact on both consumers and creators.

Understanding the Phenomenon

Bootlegging and pirating in the fashion industry involve the unauthorized reproduction and sale of copyrighted designs or branded products. This practice has become increasingly prevalent, particularly in the digital age, where counterfeiters can quickly replicate and distribute products through online marketplaces.

The Allure of Isevalan Tee Unisex Dresses

iServalan's tee unisex dresses are celebrated for their creativity, diversity, and unique designs. Their clothing often carries a premium price tag, making them a sought-after item for fashion-conscious consumers. However, the high demand, coupled with the exclusivity of some iServalan designs, has created an environment ripe for bootleggers and counterfeiters to thrive.

The Impact on Consumers

Bootlegged and pirated iServalan tee unisex dresses may appear as a tempting and more affordable alternative for consumers. However, these counterfeit products often come with significant drawbacks. They are typically of lower quality, both in terms of materials and craftsmanship, leading to a shorter lifespan compared to genuine Isevalan dresses. Consumers may also miss out on the unique design elements and creativity that make iServalan's products so special.

The Impact on Creators and the Industry

The proliferation of bootlegged Isevalan tee unisex dresses can be detrimental to the brand and its designers. It undermines the brand's reputation for quality and originality and can result in financial losses due to lost sales. Furthermore, it stifles creativity in the fashion industry by discouraging designers from pushing boundaries and investing in innovation if their work can be easily copied without consequence.

Legal and Ethical Implications

Bootlegging and pirating Isevalan designs raise legal and ethical concerns. Designers and brands invest significant time and resources in creating and marketing their products. When counterfeit versions flood the market, it not only infringes on intellectual property rights but also undermines the principles of fair competition and creative expression.

The Role of Consumers

Consumers play a crucial role in addressing the issue of bootlegging and pirating. By choosing to support genuine Isevalan products and respecting copyright laws, consumers can help protect the brand's integrity and encourage continued creativity and innovation in the fashion industry.


The allure of iServalan tee unisex dresses is undeniable, but the rise of bootlegging and pirating threatens both the brand's reputation and the broader fashion industry's creativity. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives, it's essential to recognize the value of genuine, original creations and the impact our choices have on designers and brands. By supporting authentic products and respecting intellectual property rights, we can contribute to a thriving and innovative fashion industry that benefits both creators and consumers alike.

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