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It is all go in the shops this weekend with the Tale Teller Club Band Merchandise on eBay and Amazon

Live Podcast from Royal Clarence with the Marchioness of Dorchester

Hey, guys, and welcome to the studio and a bit of news. My ebay shop is live now for Tale Teller Club (TTC) merchandise. Alas, it's taken me all day to list three T shirts. It's a very, very laborious process. So still loads of tweaking to do, but I'm quite excited, I'm reasonably excited that know, the USA can now access the T shirts. Actually, they're dresses. They're T shirt dresses. Tea dresses. Art tea dresses, I believe I've called them. So if you Google Telltaler Club Tea Dress, you should be able to find me on ebay. Although, because it's just happened, I know it takes a little while for these things to sort of get going and what have you. Anyway, guys, it's been absolute mayhem, because I have to apply for my trademark on Amazon, which I've done, but it can take weeks. So this idea that you can press a few buttons, you've got a shop, really, is only true if you want an invisible shop. As you know, that isn't on any sales platforms.

But if you want to be excuse me, if you want to be visual and out there and happening and, you know, cutting edge, I'm afraid you're going to have to spend a lot of time. So and you've, of course, you've got to pay from day one. So I've just written written it off. I've accepted the fact that it's probably going to be six months before I get a single sale just because of all the tweaking that I have to do. And of course, I'm going to do videos. And the videos are of prime importance because people like to see what they look like on. And so I'm going to launch my granny modeling career as well. Probably today, definitely tomorrow. We shall see. So, yeah, well, what can I say? Apart from I'm frazzled here at the penthouse and I'm going to have a bit of a rest for a couple of hours and then I'm going to get dressed and model my first tea, my first art tea dress by Isovan, exclusive to the Tale Teller Club. And if you are a member of the site, you'll be able to get all the extra content. Guys, my inks arrived. My tattoo inks arrived, which is just superb, isn't it? That means we can do a tattoo tomorrow, which would be lovely. I'm doing this pink rose, so I'll get on with that. And you can watch all those videos if you're a member. And some other stuff that I'm trying to put up. It's just such guys, it's such a slow slog. I mean, you've really got to go at it from all avenues, but, you know, you've probably heard, I'm on a five year timetable. I'm into year three by a few months and I'm expecting to work like crazy for two more years. To be honest, I thought I'd be letting up on the workload by now, but it's not. It's actually getting more and more intense because I've got a product to launch. So let me know what you think, please let me know. Let me know if I'm doing well and what you think of the designs. That's the most important thing. The artworks, they're not quick to do. They're from paintings that I've done or I did with I serverland using my AI. And if you know anything about that, you'll know that I had to tweak them and I had to do a lot of digital painting over the top. So a T shirt, it doesn't take seconds. They suggest that you just press a button, it's all done. But you have to get a really lovely image that you really like to start with. And now that I'm the Martianessa torchata who's getting her own sort of channel up and running, she'll have her own podcast before long. Now that I'm doing that, I have to be quite serious about fashion. So one wants to be proud of one's achievements. And so that's why these things take so long, guys. Anyway, much love from royal Clarence. And I'll see you where the bright lights shine.

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