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Me and this life, iServalan with the Tale Teller Club Podcasting and Vlogging her way to being 140

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Follow my wonderful life as I repair, regrow, flourish, and live till I am 140

My journey is 3 days in and I already feel invincible.

Members of the site can chat with me about my goals and new routines, order bespoke artworks and clothing with my iServalan designs, and watch ad-free videos and lots of bonus content.

I am still sorting out all my TV shows so please bear with me as I iron out glitches and let me know if there are any site issues.

Here is one of today's videos on YouTube.

Pop me a follow on Facebook if you do such a thing!

Some links to other videos on my site

Of course, I am an avid podcaster too so you can follow my diet and exercises on audio as I grapple with becoming my best me.

Some links to previous podcasts

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