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Minge Fringe: Archived exhibitions at the Brighton Arts Club sponsored by Goddamn Media (Mature)

Warning...Mature Content

Itinerary for the launch day Itinerary for Minge Fringe (Please note that the exhibition will run on a permanent basis due to popular demand. BAC is now the home of the cunt) 3pm Live cunt street art with Miss Vagina Head 4pm Sally Turner (excerpts from her book 'Eve's Volcano') 4.20 Lady Cunt Love - poems from 'The healing journey of my cunt' Break Music 7.00 Poetry from Doctor Bongo 7.30 Persia West 8pm Poetry from Po 8.30 Nikki Heywood performing Mooncup Vagina Song and more 9 Lady Cunt Love - Poems on Menstruation and her dream for a Cunt Loving future 9.30 Dancer Dollie Dore performs her previously unseen dance routine 10.00 I Like the Go Go 11.00 Normanton Street I will also make cunt-tails at the bar. The Day of Cunt Appreciation Gets Closer! Mid-May is a time to celebrate vagina art at BAC. Artists and performers will cause quite a stir in the suburbs but not here where the vagina lies quietly and seductively in the name of art! Craft cunting....make your own, knitting cunt class, cuntails (cocktails), cunty cup cakes, live performances and music.......

Minge Fringe WHENSaturday, May 18th, 12pm WHEREBrighton Arts Club For more information, visit the event page on Facebook. Get Directions

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