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Tattoo TV and Daisy Bra with the Marchioness launch on OnlyFans with great subscription plans

Updated: Aug 1

What a day!

So after endless deliberation and forward planning I am offering adult TV over on OnlyFans.

The biggest issue is with the weight of video which uses up a lot of data on this site. But there is also an issue with accepting payments for adult videos.

Now, I do not consider myself an adult content creator but I am an artist and several of my performances would not be suitable for this website as I host family-friendly content here and am also launching my kids' art shows in the coming months. Do you see my difficulty?

I will share my new podcast here on the Tale Teller club site though, as you can only hear the smut, not see it. I do wonder how long it will take the Google AIs to hear words like nipple on podcasts and ban half the world's content. I am preempting that by marking all my podcasts with such words about female bodies as explicit.

Love and fruitiness from the Marchioness of Dorchester x

Some pics of the new bra, available here in the shop and my new tattoo which will be live on the Tattoo TV channel and Only Fans.

The Bra is available n the shop and the prosthetics nipples are awaiting delivery. As I am not allowed to show any sort of nipple on Google or social media, I will be putting films of the bra on Only Fans too. I really do not want my site to be shadowbanned by the men with all the power.

Some of the latest episodes below.

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