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The possibilities of mobile TV are endless. A welcome from our founder Sarnia de la Maré FRSA

It all started with an idea that hand held education would be a cost effect, life changing, and indeed, exciting way to bring the world together through art and music. The popularity and relative affordability of mobile phones makes them a superb bit of tech for advancing the dream.

Podcasts were, and still are, a mainstay for teaching at the Tale Teller Club and it was inevitable that video would follow. Video offers greater possibilities for learning cello and piano specifically, and when it comes to fun, video is the greatest means to entertain all ages effectively.

The Tale Teller Club is now focusing on hand held video as a means for education and entertainment, here on the site. We have exhausted the possibilities on free platforms and social media and here we are able to offer a more focused platform without advertising where the focus is on a personalised experience for subscribers.

The next few weeks will involve a lot of setting up of various channels for all ages including Toddle Poddle for our younger viewers and there will be our new regular series, En Plein Air, which focuses all summer on outdoor painting.

We will also be providing 1000s of free loops and ringtones by the Tale Teller Club which upload daily along with fun shorts about recycled fashion, DIY, and more.

I, for one, am really looking forward to the months ahead.

Sarnia x

Join us every week for our new Art TV series En Plein Air

Free Ringtones by Tale Teller Club

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