Welcome to the international private music virtual school founded by Sarnia de la Maré FRSA.

Some of the films in the music channel are free and all the podcasts are too, so you do not have to sign up to learn or to enjoy the Music Therapy Classes either.


Paid membership is affordable and allows access to all the videos as we work through our Suzuki and ABRSM classes for cello and piano.

This is a very exciting time for the Tale Teller Club as we use ever increasing immersive methods to engage learners and to improve musicianship, performance, technical ability and above all, enjoyment.

This school is simple to follow with simple navigational functions to take you to previous episodes. 

Members are able to engage with others too and to send in videos for feedback from Sarnia and even other members through our new forum pages.

Electronica is proving a great way to learn music. 


Sarnia now offers classes in basic digital processes and instrumentations, skills that are so valuable for today's modern composers.

We are very particular about musical wellbeing too.

Our Music Therapy sessions are all free via the podcast station and pages and we interweave wellbeing training into all our projects.

Because all lessons are recorded, we can offer beginners and advanced students videos and podcasts to suit all levels.

Because our platform is interactive we are also able to set up group playing and performing for members.

This project is new in 2022 and is set to grow into something very special and quite spectacular.

We even have our own recording studio and record label. The world is our oyster.