Sarnia at Royal Clarence, the Crafting Countess

The Crafting Countess radio and TV shows have taken over what used to be the Goddamn Media network shows.

The Crafting Countess is a drop in show filled with craft, DIY. renovation, recycling and handmaking ideas.

Podcasts are free but the videos are sign up only.

Totally eco-friendly, as best as is possible at any rate, the Countess shares the incredible journey of changing your wardrobe, making gifts, decorating, and art renovation.

The penthouse at Royal Clarence is the studio, and specifically, the four-poster bed for the radio broadcasts.


Also share in the life and times of the presenter who reaches 60 in a few months and diarises the possibilities, aches and pains, and the battle of getting older with great humor and enterprise.

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Sarnia at Royal Clarence, Past Episodes

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Sarnia chats about life at Royal Clarence, what the Butler is up to, leaks in the roof of the penthouse and much more.

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