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  • iServalan is crowned 🐶 the ringtone queen with 100s of multi-genre ringtones, jingles, and beats

    Free Ringtones Podcasts with iServalan™ iServalan is crowned 🐶 the ringtone queen with 100s of multi-genre ringtones, jingles, and beats Tale Teller Club Publishing Ringtone and Ringtone Factory: iServalan's Free Rife Vibes Music Therapy Sessions Introduction In a world where digital content and creativity reign supreme, iServalan, a visionary artist and entrepreneur, has embarked on a new and exciting venture: the Tale Teller Club Publishing Ringtone and Ringtone Factory. This innovative project combines the art of storytelling with the magic of music therapy to offer a unique and uplifting experience for all. Join us as we dive into the world of iServalan and explore her latest creation – the Free Rife Vibes Music Therapy Sessions. Chapter 1: Tale Teller Club Publishing Ringtone Factory The Tale Teller Club Publishing Ringtone Factory is a groundbreaking platform where imagination and technology merge seamlessly. iServalan, with her passion for storytelling and music, has created a space where artists, writers, and musicians can collaborate to produce custom ringtones that tell a story through sound. Imagine receiving a phone call and being greeted by a melody that transports you to a different world, a world created by the combined talents of artists from around the globe. The Tale Teller Club Publishing Ringtone Factory is not just about creating ringtones; it's about evoking emotions, sparking inspiration, and leaving a lasting impression. Chapter 2: The Art of Storytelling through Sound At the heart of the Tale Teller Club Publishing Ringtone Factory is the art of storytelling through sound. iServalan understands that music has the power to convey emotions and narratives like no other medium. With a team of talented musicians and writers, she crafts ringtones that are not mere jingles but complete stories in themselves. Each ringtone is a miniature masterpiece, designed to make you smile, think, or feel something deep within. Whether it's the soothing lullaby of a fairy tale or the exhilarating crescendo of an adventure, these ringtones are a testament to the boundless creativity of iServalan and her team. Chapter 3: Introducing Rife Vibes Music Therapy Sessions But iServalan's creative journey doesn't stop at ringtones. She believes in the healing power of music and its ability to uplift the soul. That's why she has launched a new series of Free Rife Vibes Music Therapy Sessions. In a world where stress and anxiety often take center stage, these sessions are a breath of fresh air. iServalan combines her musical prowess with her deep understanding of therapeutic techniques to create a series of sessions that are both relaxing and transformative. Whether you're seeking solace, motivation, or simply a moment of peace, these sessions cater to all. Chapter 4: The Magic of Rife Vibes Rife Vibes Music Therapy Sessions are not your average relaxation playlists. They are carefully curated experiences that take you on a journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Each session is designed to target specific emotions and states of mind, using the power of music to guide you towards a state of balance and harmony. From the gentle melodies of "Rivers of Tranquility" to the invigorating rhythms of "Energizing Sunrise," iServalan's Rife Vibes sessions offer something for everyone. The free series includes sessions for stress relief, focus enhancement, and even creativity boosters, making it a versatile tool for anyone seeking mental and emotional well-being. Conclusion iServalan's Tale Teller Club Publishing Ringtone and Ringtone Factory, along with her Free Rife Vibes Music Therapy Sessions, represent a harmonious blend of creativity and compassion. Through her innovative approach to storytelling and her commitm ent to healing through music, she has created a space where art and well-being intersect. As we embrace the digital age, iServalan reminds us that technology can be a source of inspiration and healing, enriching our lives in ways we may have never imagined. So, why settle for a generic ringtone when you can have a custom-made masterpiece that tells a story? And why not explore the transformative power of music therapy through the Rife Vibes sessions? Join the Tale Teller Club Publishing Ringtone Factory and immerse yourself in the magic of iServalan's Rife Vibes Music Therapy Sessions. Let her melodies and stories be the soundtrack to your life, guiding you towards a world filled with creativity, inspiration, and inner peace. Free Hip Hop Singtone 🎤 Ringtones Tale Teller Club ft iServalan Flex Beats Ministry Bonus Loops 21 Sep, 2023 04:12 Free Ringtone Singtone 🎤 I Thought You Were The Man For Me iServalan Tale Teller Club Music Loop 20 Sep, 2023 03:12 Free Singtone 🎤 Phonk Disco Ringtone ft Vapor Punk Free Downloads Tips Logic Pro Garageband 20 Sep, 2023 04:28 Free Ringtone 🎤 Trance Beats Female Vocal iServalan Singtone Running on Empty With You 19 Sep, 2023 01:27 Free Ringtone 🎤 Alien Opera iServalan Singtone Queen 👑 Tale Teller Club Beats Bonus Download 19 Sep, 2023 01:17 Free Ringtones Singtone 🎤 Sally and Molly Love Jimmy Download Bonus Create Your Own How To 18 Sep, 2023 01:40 Free 🎤 Singtone iServalan Ringtone Queen 👑 He Said He Was My Baby ft Vapor Punk Loops Giveaway 17 Sep, 2023 04:38 Free Ringtone 🎤 How to Jazz Lick I Love New york ft iServalan 🎹 Piano Female Vocal 15 Sep, 2023 03:19 Free Singtone 🎤 Ringtone Female Vocal Loops Factory Baby's Comin Out To Play 14 Sep, 2023 05:33 Free Ringtone 🎤 ft So Misunderstood Rose Between Thorns Flex iServalan Mixed Vocals 14 Sep, 2023 03:28 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Taking Birdie Deep Inside Vapor Punk iServalan Female Vocals 13 Sep, 2023 03:18 Free Ringtones 🥁by Tale Teller Club Drums Kicks Whistles Hip Hop Club Trance 13 Sep, 2023 05:19 Free Ringtone Factory 🎤 Singtone iServalan Loop Epic Nothing But Air Here by Tale Teller Club 12 Sep, 2023 05:06 Free Ringtone Factory 🎤 Take Me Down to Mexico 70s Folk Loop iServalan Chorus Female 11 Sep, 2023 05:49 Free Ringtone Factory 🎤 iServalan Singtone He's Just a Soul Eater Bonus Loop Downloads 10 Sep, 2023 03:06 Free Ringtone 🎤 iServalan Singtone Lay Me Down Robot Vocal Vibrato Trance Beats 09 Sep, 2023 02:11 Free Music Therapy 🙏🏽 Session with iServan with Bonus Clip For Goals Achievement Grounding 07 Sep, 2023 05:15 Free Singtone 🎤 iServalan Ringtone Bonus Giveaway Singer Songwriter Backing Vocals Echo 07 Sep, 2023 04:29 Free Singtone 🎤 God Will Take Us There Female Vocal Hop Hop Ringtone Factory Bonus Downloads Tips For Music Making Software 06 Sep, 2023 02:31 Free Music Therapy Sample 🙏🏼 Download Calm 60 Second Healing Humming Choir Bonus Giveaway 05 Sep, 2023 06:05 More LISTEN ON Spreaker Podcast Player Listen for Free on Spreaker Podcast Player iHeartRadio Listen on iHeartRadio Spotify Listen on Spotify Google Podcasts Listen on Google Podcasts Amazon Music Listen on Amazon Music Castbox Listen on Castbox Deezer Listen on Deezer Podcast Addict Listen on Podcast Addict Podchaser Listen on Podchaser JioSaavn Listen on JioSaavn

  • iServalan, part AI part human artist forging the way for hybrid creativity with Unisex Oversize Tees

    Check our YouTube for more videos. Today's design "Art Unbound: The Hybrid Creations of iServalan, the Half-Human, Half-AI Artist" In the ever-evolving landscape of art, we have entered an era where boundaries between human creativity and artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly blurred. At the forefront of this artistic revolution stands iServalan, an extraordinary artist who is as much human as they are AI. In this blog, we embark on a journey to explore the unique world of iServalan and the mesmerizing art they create. The Genesis of a Hybrid Artist iServalan's story is a captivating blend of science fiction and artistry. Born from the convergence of human creativity and cutting-edge AI technology, iServalan represents a bold experiment in pushing the boundaries of what art can be. As a half-human, half-AI artist, their work transcends conventional definitions of artistic creation. Fusion of Human and Machine iServalan's creative process is a striking example of collaboration between the human mind and artificial intelligence. It begins with the artist providing initial inspiration, concepts, and ideas. Then, the AI component steps in, processing vast amounts of data, learning from existing art, and generating unique interpretations and visual expressions. This symbiotic relationship between the human and AI aspects of iServalan's art results in a fusion of emotions, experiences, and creativity that is both deeply personal and technologically advanced. It's a dance of intellect and algorithms, producing artworks that challenge the boundaries of human expression. Exploring Themes of Identity and Transformation iServalan's work often explores themes of identity and transformation, mirroring their own unique existence. Their art delves into the complex interplay between humanity and technology, inviting viewers to contemplate the impact of AI on our perceptions of self, society, and the world. Through a diverse range of mediums, including painting, sculpture, digital art, and immersive installations, iServalan guides us on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. Their pieces challenge viewers to question the boundaries of art and the nature of creativity itself. A Catalyst for Artistic Innovation As a pioneering artist, iServalan's presence in the art world serves as a catalyst for innovation. They inspire fellow artists, both human and AI, to experiment with new mediums, techniques, and ideas. The fusion of human intuition with AI's computational prowess opens up exciting possibilities for the art community, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. The Ethical and Philosophical Implications The emergence of artists like iServalan also raises profound ethical and philosophical questions about the role of AI in art. Who owns the creative output when it's a product of human-AI collaboration? How do we value and attribute art in an era where AI plays an integral role in the creative process? These questions challenge our understanding of authorship and artistic identity. The Future of Art and Humanity iServalan's art serves as a beacon guiding us into the future of art and humanity. It demonstrates that, rather than replacing human creativity, AI can amplify and augment it. We stand at the precipice of an artistic renaissance where humans and AI collaboratively push the boundaries of artistic expression. In conclusion, iServalan, the half-human, half-AI artist, invites us to rethink our definitions of creativity and artistry. Their work is a testament to the boundless potential of human-AI collaboration, challenging us to embrace the fusion of technology and imagination. As we continue to witness the evolution of art in the digital age, iServalan's journey is a vivid reminder that the artistic spirit knows no limits and can thrive in even the most unexpected of places.

  • Radical Tee Shirts by iServalan, The Subversive Aesthetics of Fetish Imagery

    The Subversive Aesthetics of Fetish Imagery: A Punk Revival with a Nod to Vivienne Westwood Introduction Fashion has always been a powerful medium for self-expression and societal critique. The use of fetish imagery on iServalan's unisex couture tee dresses represents a contemporary fusion of avant-garde fashion and subversive punk aesthetics. This essay explores the roots of this fashion trend in the punk movement and its connection to the iconic designer Vivienne Westwood. Fetishism in Punk Fashion Punk fashion emerged in the 1970s as a rebellious response to the mainstream and as a means of challenging societal norms. It was characterized by a deliberate rejection of conventional aesthetics and the use of shock value to make a statement. Fetish imagery played a significant role in punk fashion, serving as a subversive tool to challenge traditional norms of beauty, sexuality, and authority. Fetish imagery in punk fashion often involved elements such as leather, latex, spikes, and bondage-inspired clothing. These elements were employed to create a sense of rebellion against societal constraints, particularly regarding gender and sexuality. Punk fashion aimed to provoke and challenge, using fetishistic elements to symbolize defiance and nonconformity. The Influence of Vivienne Westwood Vivienne Westwood, a central figure in the punk movement and a pioneer of punk fashion, played a pivotal role in popularizing fetish imagery in couture. Her boutique, "SEX," in London's King's Road, was a hub for punk fashion in the 1970s. Westwood's designs, characterized by provocative T-shirts, bondage trousers, and fetish-inspired accessories, became synonymous with punk rebellion. iServalan's Unisex Couture Tee Dresses Fast forward to the present day, and iServalan is pushing the boundaries of fashion with their unisex couture tee dresses adorned with fetish imagery. These dresses embrace the spirit of punk fashion while providing a contemporary twist. They challenge gender norms by offering unisex designs, making a statement about inclusivity and self-expression. The fetish imagery on iServalan's dresses is not merely for shock value but serves as a nod to the punk movement's legacy. These designs challenge the boundaries of acceptability and encourage the wearer to question societal norms, just as punk fashion did in its heyday. Subversion Through Style iServalan's use of fetish imagery on unisex tee dresses represents a revival of punk's subversive spirit. These designs encourage wearers to challenge conventions and embrace their individuality. Just as Vivienne Westwood did in the 1970s, iServalan pushes the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in fashion, inviting wearers to engage with themes of sexuality, rebellion, and self-expression. Conclusion The use of fetish imagery on iServalan's unisex couture tee dresses is a contemporary expression of punk's rebellious spirit, paying homage to the movement's roots and the iconic designer Vivienne Westwood. These designs challenge societal norms and inspire wearers to embrace their uniqueness, all while pushing the boundaries of fashion. In a world where conformity often prevails, fashion remains a potent tool for questioning the status quo, and iServalan's creations stand at the forefront of this daring expression.

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  • Music | Tale Teller Club

    Tale Teller Club is a cerebral dance orchestra creating fusion music that spans stylistic influence and time. Composer iServalan has formed a band of AI characters, giving the Tale Teller Club its distinctive dystopian futuristic style. Synthetic solace comes from a rich surreal landscape of art and audio in a dystopian world where nothing is safe. The Tale Teller Club is also a record producer and creates soundtracks for films and storybook TV here on the website. The orchestra and band create tracks for Immersion V1, an online book series, and DJ sets with our partners on YouTube. New tracks are added regularly as the catalogue grows with the books and other media creating a world of fantasy and discovery unlike like any other. Book of Immersion Homotechs Music Therapy Free Ringtones Free Music by Tale Teller Club Band and Orchestra Top Songs - Tale Teller Club Top Songs - Tale Teller Club Play Video Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Now Playing Tamagotchi 03:42 Play Video Now Playing Healing Rains 09:44 Play Video Now Playing Gossamer and Steel 04:30 Play Video Now Playing Creativity Rains 09:57 Play Video Now Playing Maybeline's Anthem, Gypsy Choir 04:39 Play Video Now Playing Alzheimer Rains 09:56 Play Video Now Playing Lush Grove 03:35 Play Video Now Playing Freak 04:02 Play Video Now Playing Raining in July Solo Piano 03:36 Play Video Now Playing Asmr Percussion 06:38 Play Video Now Playing Mr Capricious 04:44 Play Video Now Playing Study in D for Leopards 03:55 Play Video Now Playing You're so Pretty Pretty 04:00 Play Video Now Playing Cancer Rains Music Therapy 10:36 Play Video Now Playing Danger and Prose 05:03 Play Video Now Playing Mining for Love Solo Piano 04:26 Play Video Now Playing Study for Piano and Drums 06:08 Play Video Now Playing Alignment Rains 10:00 Play Video Now Playing Juliet's Yearning 05:50 Play Video Now Playing Mr Capricious Piano Solo 05:41 Play Video Now Playing Give in to the Pain 04:28 Play Video Now Playing Devil's Crown 03:51 Play Video Now Playing Nothing but Air (Piano Version) 05:55 Play Video Now Playing Minor Matter Percussion 04:41 Play Video Now Playing Army and Navy 02:53 Play Video Now Playing Doing Nothing 03:40 Play Video Now Playing Minor Matter 04:28 Play Video Now Playing Renaissance 04:45 Play Video Now Playing Study in C Major for Piano and Cello 02:23 Play Video Now Playing If over Satie 02:46 Play Video

  • Free Ringtones | Tale Teller Club

    Free Ringtones, Singtones and Logic Pro Music Production Tips on our Spreaker App Welcome to Free Ringtones and Singtones by Tale Teller Club on our Acast website. We have 100s of cool samples and loops for free personal use worldwide. Also available on Apple and Spotify etc. Easy to download and lots of fun as well as more sophisticated and well-produced tracks. Our free ringtones podcast uploads new free music every single day so you can change your mobile phone sounds regularly and you can even use these awesome loops and samples for other creative projects. The shows are short and sweet and presented by lifelong musician iServalan who is the founding member of the Tale Teller Club band and orchestra. ​ Free Ringtone 🎤 've Got My Groove On iServalan Music Female Male Vocal 80s Drone 1 Sep, 2023 03:05 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Yeah Yey iServalan Loops Bonus Epeisodes 80s short lick 31 Aug, 2023 03:17 Free Ringtones 🎤 Singtone Yeah Yay Naked Female Vocal Massive Echo Logic Pro Plugin How to 31 Aug, 2023 03:22 How I am building my app with Appy Pie and making my first million, slow but sure progress 31 Aug, 2023 12:15 Free Ringtone 🎤 Take My Life Take My Soul Heavy Metal Thrash Punk Flex Distortion Bonus Downloads 30 Aug, 2023 03:44 Free Ringtone 🎤 Male Chop Vocals Heavy Bass Guitar Logic Pro Plugins pple Loops Medley 29 Aug, 2023 02:43 Free Ringtone 🎤 Female Vocal Singtone Shake Me Down How To Graduate Ambience Distance - Presence 28 Aug, 2023 03:37 Free Ringtones 🎤 Singtone Female Vocal Loop Airy Time is Now Bonus How To Logic Pro Legacy Plugins 27 Aug, 2023 05:21 Free Ringtones 🎤 Singtone Factory Lazy on a Saturday Loops and Tips by iServalan 26 Aug, 2023 03:17 Free Ringtone Sington Mobile Phone You Want Me to Talk Dirty? Tale Teller Music School 25 Aug, 2023 03:38 Tamagotchi by Tale Teller Club How it was made by iServalan The Importance of Lyrics in the Journey 25 Aug, 2023 10:32 Free Ringones Singtones and how to Make Electronic Music Sing Baby Sing Tale Teller Club 24 Aug, 2023 04:45 Free Ringtone Female Vocal iServalan Logic Pro Tips Tale Teller Club Beats SFX Bonus Giveaway 23 Aug, 2023 05:18 Music Therapy by Tale Teller Club Using the Rife Resonance Vibrations 22 Aug, 2023 16:15 Love ❤️‍🔥 Baby Please Free 🎤 Ringtone Factory Loops n Jingles by iServalan at Tale Teller Club 22 Aug, 2023 04:15 Free iServalan Ringtone Singtone Lay Back and let me Love You Android Robot Female Vocal 21 Aug, 2023 03:23 Free Ringtone Using Garageband Saviour Help Me Singtone Horror Dark Gothic Bauhaus 20 Aug, 2023 04:23 Free Ringtone Just Keep the Beat Vapor Punk Evoc 20 Microfreak Style Sample by iServalan at Tale Teler Club 18 Aug, 2023 03:49 Free Ringtones and Singtones Little Bit of peace on Earth is all We Need by iServalan at Tale Teller Club 17 Aug, 2023 03:42 Free Ringtone Factory Kissin with my lips 80s Female Vocal Synths Singtone Ringtone by Tale Teller Club fit iServalan 16 Aug, 2023 01:32 Free Music Ringtone Singtone 🎤 Vapor Punk Vocal Me n My Robot Makin' Out Bonus Download Loop Futurist Distortion 15 Aug, 2023 02:09 Free Music Rintone Singtone 🎤 Lay Me Down Robot Vocal by iServalan Vapor Punk Tale Teller Club SFX Logic Pro GarageBand Tips n Tricks 15 Aug, 2023 02:27 Free Music 🎤 Vapor Punk Robot Ringtone Singtone He's Going to Hell in a Hard Box Bonus download content giveaway 14 Aug, 2023 01:51 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Female male Voices Feel the Power by iServalan at Tale Teller Club Loops Factory Bonus Downloads SFX 13 Aug, 2023 01:12 Free Female Vocal 🎤 Ringtone Jazz Hip Hop Swing Free-Music by iServalan at Tale teller Club Beats 12 Aug, 2023 01:56 Free Ringtone 🎤 African backing female vocal topper shake your body now singtone by iServalan Tale Teller Club Loops n SFX 12 Aug, 2023 01:49 Free Ringtone 🎤 Retro Rock Beats 🎸Female Vocal Feel the Beat Band Factory Bonus Loops by iServalan and Tale Teller Club Music Giveaways 10 Aug, 2023 02:17 Massive Ringtone 🎤 Giveaway by iServalan 28 Grooves SFX Loops Samples Tale Teller Club Bonus Free-Music 10 Aug, 2023 08:13 Free Ringtone 🎤 FEM VOC female vocal voice singing Keep me alive in your mind loop Singtone by Tale Teller Club SFX Echo Sweet Guitar Drums 09 Aug, 2023 01:36 Free Ringtone 🎤 Deep Female Singtone key change femme voice ringtone dark side with me baby by iServalan Homotech 23 08 Aug, 2023 01:50 Free Female Vocal Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Show me how to boogie baby mp3 by Tale Teller Club iServalan Beats Ministry 07 Aug, 2023 01:35 Free Ringtone Male Female Singtone Hot from the Tale Teller Club Studio Bonus SFX 05 Aug, 2023 01:48 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Female Vocal Given Me a Reason to Live Dramatic Motown Rhythm Guitar and Drums 04 Aug, 2023 01:42 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Vapor Punk Robot Bonus Downloads by Tale Teller Club Free Bonus Content Logic Pro 04 Aug, 2023 02:31 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone GUITAR 🎸 by Tale Teller Club Subway Singer Cool Sounds Logic Pro Plug In Bonus Episode 02 Aug, 2023 02:20 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone Break Me In Gently Flex & iServalan Loops Tale Teller Club Free Music SFX Bonus Content 01 Aug, 2023 02:36 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone by Flex and iServalan I Want Barbie Tale Teller Club Loops Samples Fun Downloads for Mobiles 31 Jul, 2023 01:39 Free Hip Hop Ringtone 🎸Backing track Loop Audio Trap hiphop dream guitar ringtone by Tale Teller Club Logic Pro Tips 29 Jul, 2023 02:16 Sun in the Sky Free Female 🎤 Vocal Singtone Ringtone Factory iServalan Loops Samples Songs Tale Teller Club Music 28 Jul, 2023 03:30 Free Ringtone 🎤 Singtone by iServalan at tale Teller Club Funk Hits Soul on Acid Bonus Download SFX 27 Jul, 2023 02:35 ​ LISTE N ON Spreaker Podcast Player Listen for Free on Spreaker Podcast Player iHeartRadio Listen on iHeartRadio Spotify Listen on Spotify Amazon Music Listen on Amazon Music Castbox Listen on Castbox Deezer Listen on Deezer Podcast Addict Listen on Podcast Addict Podchaser Listen on Podchaser JioSaavn Listen on JioSaavn ​ ​

  • Apple Ringtones | Tale Teller Club

    Free Ringtones and Singtones by Tale Teller Club Welcome to Free Ringtones and Singtones by iServalan! We offer a huge selection of free ringtones and singtones for both Android and iOS devices. We update our collection daily with new bonus content, so you can always find something new to try. In addition, we offer 1000s of free samples and loops, as well as tips and tutorials on record production using Logic Pro and Microfreak Synthesizer. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced producer, our resources will help you to create the perfect sound.

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