Eco and sustainable design for clothing from tots to elders feature in our Tale Teller Club Emporium alongside the most sumptuous intertior design possible using immersive cinema fine art elements and nature inspired block prints. We also offer for purchase and hire the most exquisite preloved antiques and fine art from the de la Maré Investments collections.


The Emporium is a groundbreaking and unique shopping experience offering customers a collection of quality products,  limited editions and investment pieces from artists committed to sustainablity.

We’ve worked hard designing the virtual store to create a seamless environment. But we understand that nothing beats a real person, especially when investing in a high-end product, so we are available for private consultations with art investors and buyers' agents.

Since its conception, the project has been working with top digital facilitators and designers to create an exciting shopping experience.

If you are an interior designer we can work with you closely to create a portfolio  of possibilities for you and your clients.

If you are a collector or investor and you would be interested in a bespoke order or to commission something unique the artist known as Vapor Punk will arrange a private consultation in order to create your dream artwork in your private or public space.

We also have an amazing back catalog of artworks that are not currently being shown but are readily available for members to view.

If you are interested in the portfolios we can add you to the VIP-only portfolios and take it from there.

Our digital design team is not phased by any request.

The shop and exhibitions have a changing stock quota so check in often to see what we are doing in the land of virtual arts and storytelling. 

You can sign up as a VIP and will receive updates to your email inbox and qualify for a 10 % discount on all products, interior design, fine wall art, clothing, accessories, homeware, digital illustrations and commissioned portraits by our in house designers.