Mills and Swoon Love Stories by Penelope la Maré

Daily love stories in 60 seconds are proving incredibly popular on our podcast. Here are the readings and links as well as one of the texts. If you would like to get involved please send us a message.

Mills and Swoon 'Cold Water Swimming' 60 Second Love Story no2 by Penelope la Maré



The water was like ice so Meryl got out and hobbled towards her dry towel.


But the shivering would not stop and she wondered why she had even contemplated the cold water swim on this overcast January day.


But Jack was so glad she had come,


Although Meryl had only managed a few moments in the winter stream, he was captivated by her large fertile breasts and quivering behind. She looked like Bo Dereck as she scrambled to the shore.


'Let me,' he said, taking his spare dry towel and vigorously rubbing her down.


Suddenly, Meryl felt a deep penetrating energy, a lifted grey cloud and a charge of electric desire all at once. And at that moment, there on the shingle beach, it finally happened. The door to passion opened once again.


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