TV Hosting Pay Per View & Subscription Channels for Arts and Crafts, Teaching, and Media creatives. Earn money immediately with your own shows.

The Tale Teller Club offers artists working in video art and broadcasting the chance to have their work featured on our website and what's more, to make money from the people who watch them.


You can decide for yourself on a monthly or annual subscription for your fans and we will work together to launch your show.


If you do not want a set channel you can feature your movies on our shows and still charge a pay-per-view fee to your fans.


We can also accept free videos to help your exposure and viewpoints and to increase your portfolio reach if we feel they are of artistic merit, archival interest, marginalized subjects etc.


There is no financial outlay to you, the artist, whatsoever. We take 40% of your net fees (you may have to pay PayPal or Stripe fees etc which are taken at source) and you get the rest at the end of each month as and when you reach £10. This helps streamline the admin for our team which works very hard to create a profitable and exciting artists' platform that is available worldwide.

You will have a monthly report of details of your subscriber numbers, and where possible, where your videos have been watched and other analytics that are provided to us by Google Analytics and other tools.

We are looking for filmmakers, video artists, performers and broadcasters who express artistic and interesting ideas through video. We welcome applications in the form of documentaries, teaching videos, storytelling, true-life, drama, comedy, satire, debate, feature films, commentary, etc.

The Tale Teller Club is against the censorship of creators except where the rights of minorities may be encroached or where the law would be broken.


All videos submitted will be vetted before broadcast.


We do have an adult library and over 18s cinema and will accept adult concept videos that are not necessarily gratuitous or blatantly pornographic.

For possibly offensive adult material, we will pop a warning up and insist that viewers are over 18 by paying through a verifiable PayPal account or personal debit card.

We will also accept promotional videos that are directly linked to creative events and services free of charge, produced or created by educational bodies or students.


Submitted films will need to have a high spec description to be included with useful information and links. These notes will be seen by the public who come to the site and will be viewable without a subscription.


The Tale Teller Club is a multi-media network designed to pass on knowledge and high-quality entertainment. But this does not necessarily mean high-cost films with high budgets.


As artists ourselves we know that great art does not cost money by default.


This website is funded by the Future's Venture Foundation.


We look forward to working with you.

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Sarnia de la Maré FRSA, author, composer and tutor at Tale Teller Club.

Le Salon de la Maré

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