The earth learned the tune

of a reckoning fugue

As kings and Queens puppeteered

for the white and the wealthy

the young and the healthy

And the good people cried.

Man and man wrestled

with icons and loins

for the shimmering coins

of ownership

whilst happiness slipped

and the rape of God's children 

made death taste better than living

The drugs killed the pain

till it started again.

Sorrow trickled like blood

from the underclass's


while a white pulsating pupae

smoked cigars on the hill

and spunked at the thrill

of his slaves

who played 

to the tune of the

reckoning fugue

© 2020 Dominartist

The Birth of Adom


It was the energies of past

that fused an event

Of course,

life works this way


It was atoms and emotions

on a collision course

that caused a fireball

on that fateful day


She came, like acid rain

like burning flame

like black tar

from the quagmire

A heroine

not seen before

the wars



It was at this moment

when the earth stood still

SHE picked her time

came at will


An oil slick

so quick

so hard and fast

from sand to glass

here then gone

dulled then shone

the birth of Adom

© 2020 Dominartist


PT 2


Her rage in hand

brave anger

like a man's

She walked the earth,




the others cowered at her feet

so meek

she laughed

as they cried and burned

in the


of violence

spawned from their own desires

a wildfire


her touch so harsh

chipping ice

with a butter knife

no fuss

no trail

just shadows.

Pain remained

as memories

for the chosen few,

those who knew

the power

of anger,

and then She rose




© 2020 Dominartist